“Be proud of who you are.” – Eminem

Even if you don't know someone personally, they can have a huge impact on your life. No amount of words could ever describe how grateful I am to Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Writing this article was even a struggle for me. Part of me has high hopes that he sees this and reads it, while the other part knows that the chances of him reading this are slim to none.

Listening to Eminem’s music has given me a place to turn to, no matter how I’m feeling. It has helped me in many ways. A lot of people thought Eminem wouldn’t be as successful as he was because of the color of his skin. For some instances, people have doubted my abilities because I am in a wheelchair. Although our situations aren’t exactly the same, I feel like if we ever met we could have a certain level of understanding.

People doubt others because of what they see; they don’t get to know the person at all. At first, it was hard for Eminem in the rap game, and then he eventually started to become more well-known and people started doubting him less and less. Fast-forward to today, and we can now see people looking to him for approval.

Although people may assume things because of my appearance. My favorite motto has always been, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” just because the cover of the book isn’t similar to one you would normally read doesn’t mean you should just toss it aside and not give it the chance it deserves.

Thank you, Eminem. Through your experience I have learned to never let anyone underestimate me because of my appearance.