Why We Should Embrace Change As A Gift

Change is everywhere. It is necessary for growth, improvement, and innovation.

This year, the department that I worked in, Campus Ministry is having a transitional period where several campus ministers are leaving,to make room for new people.

At first, I felt shocked, a little sad, and a bit disappointed that they are leaving. However, I realized that the decisions made are for the best of Campus Ministry.

I left my previous school, UC Berkeley for Santa Clara University.

I mustered up the courage to get help for my anxiety and depression.

I applied to be a TEDx speaker. I got selected.

How did I do it? It began with change. My desire to grow led me to where I am today.

Change is scary. It is like leaving a part of you, and adapting to new parts of you that you haven’t found yet. We are human beings, and as human beings, we are constantly evolving with new experiences, new friendships, new places, and new ideas. Throughout the process, it can be painful, joyful, tiring, but definitely worth all the effort.

You are your own advocate.

Change is a gift. It’s the essence of becoming better than yesterday. It is necessary for growth. Each of our life journeys is different. Change is what makes life so adventurous. Be that change. Be unique. Be YOU.

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