7 K-Pop Dance Moves You Must Learn Before Your Next Party
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7 K-Pop Dance Moves You Must Learn Before Your Next Party

Ensnare your preferred gender with these snazzy moves on the dance floor.

7 K-Pop Dance Moves You Must Learn Before Your Next Party

Korean pop music have been a growing phenomenon all around the world for the last several years, thanks to idol groups such as 2NE1, SNSD, SHINee, Big Bang, and most notably PSY ("Gundam Style," anyone?) Known for their intricate and synchronized choreography, here are several moves you must master before your next party.

1. The Butt Shake

Before twerking entered Korean realm of consciousness, there was the 'butt shake.' Made famous by KARA, the butt whake is the pinnacle of iconic dance moves. Use the power of the booty to ensnare the gender of your liking and shake what your mama gave you! Now whenever anyone asks you if you have the booty, you can now shake it like KARA and reply with “I do!”

2. Hip Thrust

Sexy hip thrusts are essential to the choreography; it’s not a k-pop music video without hip thrusts. Just put your hands around your waist, bend your knees, and push your hips out violently. Congratulations, you have successfully completed one hip thrust. Now do that a couple more times to master the true power of the hip thrusts! Bonus points if you grab your crotch or rub your hands down your chest while hip thrusting.

3. The Arrogant Dance

The Arrogant Dance is a move coined by the legendary power idol group, Brown Eyed Girls. This move is similar to the hip thrust but instead of violently thrusting your hips out, you deliberately, purposefully, and arrogantly sway your hips side to side while looking like you have the entire world in your fingertips.

4. Up and Down

Banned for its blatant sexuality on music shows, EXID puts the oomph into this version of hip thrusting. This move consists of suggestively angling your hips upwards to mimic the act of sex. Draw the attention of your preferred gender to your crotch with your best come hither expression and watch the magic happen.

5. Body Rolls

Just like the hip thrusts, body rolls are an essential ingredient to a k-pop music video. Lock your target with your most intense and captivating stare and then pretend you are rolling a coin down the length of your body. You can do this slowly to elicit a more sensual feel or faster to increase the intensity of excitement and anticipation.

6. Bar Bar Bar

"Bar Bar Bar" swept the charts in Korea after the song was released in 2013. This catchy song was accompanied by quirky dance moves that everybody wanted to jam out to. Grab a group of friends, put on some bike helmets, and prepare to get funky on the dance floor!

7. Bang, Bang, Bang

Big Bang is known for their edgy hip hop style and inventors of a style of dancing that involves seemingly minimal choreography and a lot of swagger. Heavily influenced by American hip-hop, Big Bang transform them into moves that are more uniquely theirs. In this dance move, you can do whatever you want, but remember to do it with a lot of swagger and charisma!

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