Let It Go: It Is OK If Elsa Is Gay
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Let It Go: It Is OK If Elsa Is Gay

Elsa should be able to have a female love interest if she wants!

Let It Go: It Is OK If Elsa Is Gay

Queen Elsa likes girls? Elsa is gay?

The trending news with Disney is the discussion whether or not Queen Elsa from “Frozen” should have a female love interest. Elsa already made history by being the only Disney princess, well Queen in her case, that does not need a man. Supporters were tickled to have a strong, independent woman figure for young children to look up to. Why not push the limit further and create a story line with Elsa liking girls?

Laws are constantly changing and rights are being approved, including gay marriage. In the United States, several states are taking the courageous step to legalize gay marriage. Soon enough, all 50 will legalize it. So if states are legalizing gay marriage and spreading awareness, why can’t Disney create a character that likes the same sex?

Kids are exposed to same sex couples in public. It is not illegal to be a girl and kiss another girl in public. Or guys are not arrested for holding hands with another guy. Because it’s not a big deal. This is America, and America is free. We have the right to vote, free speech, to work, to live life, and we have the right to love the same sex if we choose to. Parents are worried that it would instigate topics that should not be exposed to children but they already are.

Creating a same-sex love interest for Elsa would be a great educational opportunity! It shows that love is love. There is no discrimination, sexism, or skewed opinions. This is a chance for parents to look their children in the eyes and say, “That’s right. It is okay to like the same sex. Fall in love with whoever captures your heart.” I don’t think the writers of Frozen are trying to increase the lesbian population, I think they are trying to bring more diversity to their network. With time changing, film changes. Disney is striving to adapt to everyday life and norms, it is normal to like the same-sex; it is no longer viewed as taboo.

If Queen Elsa likes girls, it’s not a big deal! If you do not support the motion, then don’t let your child watch the film. I personally do not have any children, I was a daycare teacher though. I was surrounded by kids of all ages for over a year. They absolutely loved Frozen! Elsa and the whole storyline of “Frozen” was so impactual for youth, imagine the impact it could have with more life lessons. I think the youth would be able to accept differences and adapt if they were introduced at an earlier age.

I propose that we let Elsa be a lesbian. If she wants to like girls, so be it. If she wants to remain independent, good for her. In the end, it is her choice and kids will still love “Frozen” whichever route she takes.

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