Elle Woods Quotes For Each Enneagram
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Elle Woods Quotes For Each Enneagram

Ever wondered what Enneagram Elle Woods is? Of course you have!

Elle Woods Quotes For Each Enneagram

Classifying my hero as anything other than my own enneagram proved to be quite difficult! I think she is either a 8w7 or a 3. Because she is so well rounded, it makes it harder to tell. Her determination is obviously a key to her as a character, it's just her motivation that would shift her number. With that said, I want every enneagram to be able to relate to our law queen in some way or another. While this wasn't the easiest task, I feel like I know her better than I know myself, so enjoy my Enneagram Analysis of our girl Elle!

Enneagram 1 - The Perfectionist

reese witherspoon GIFGiphy

"If I'm gonna be partner in a law firm by the time I'm 30, I'm going to need a boyfriend who's not such a complete bonehead."

Enneagram 2 - the Caregiver

legally blonde bend and snap GIFGiphy

*Elle's entire relationship with Paulette*

Enneagram 3 - The Achiever

happy legally blonde GIFGiphy

"I'll show you how valuable Elle Woods can be."

Enneagram 4 - The Individualist

reese witherspoon bruiser woods GIFGiphy

Everytime Elle explains to a group of people that she can be a sorority girl AND a Harvard Law Student, she's being a 4. The outfits? Total 4 move.

Enneagram 5 - The Investigator

reese witherspoon GIFGiphy

"When used appropriately, it has an 83 percent rate of return on a dinner invitation. It's called the bend and snap."

Enneagram 6 - The Loyalist

reese witherspoon GIFGiphy

The scene where she Dorky Dave in the street by making sure all the girls want him - 6.

Enneagram 7 - The Enthusiast

reese witherspoon omg GIFGiphy

Paulette: Is she as pretty as you?
Elle: She could use some mascara and some serious highlights, but she's not completely unfortunate looking.

Enneagram 8 - The Challenger

reese witherspoon pen GIFGiphy

"I saw it in Teen Vogue a year ago. So if you're trying to sell it to me for full price, you picked the wrong girl."

Enneagram 9 - The Peacemaker

reese witherspoon GIFGiphy

I can't find this one yall. She doesn't have an ounce of 9 in her.

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