11 Things Every Barnes & Noble Lover Will Understand

11 Things Every Barnes & Noble Lover Will Understand

"Do we have to leave?"

Greetings fellow knowledge seekers. When people ask us what our dream home looks like, we begin to describe an open platform (preferably two stories), well-lit, with rows upon rows upon rows of literature, music, film, notebooks, puzzles and more! Throw in a Starbucks with a little lounge and we’ve got it made! Then we chuckle in realization that we have just described none other than the utopia of leisurely entertainment, Barnes & Noble. If not our dream home, this place is surely our second home. So, if I may, I’d like to throw a little appreciation their way. Here is what we all know and love about Barnes & Noble.

1. You have to set aside at least one to five hours for your trip to Barnes & Noble.

This is no in-and-out type of gig like one of those super markets. Thorough perusal and submersion into the deep and timeless realm of your imagination is not optional. Keep your impatient person at home, because you could literally spend an entire day here and not have a problem with it.

2. You have sat down in a quiet aisle or corner with captivating literature in tow at least once.

There’s really no fighting it; it just happens.

3. You purposefully avoid your favorite section because you know you cannot afford that much merchandise.

But then you say “screw it” because your paycheck came in today and you deserve this!

4. When you say, "I could live here," you are not tripping.

You have a game plan for when the apocalypse comes and you need food and shelter. Starbucks and Barnes & Noble. Boom. Set for life.

5. You already have shelves of books at home you haven't read, yet somehow you walk away with yet another one.

You are going to need a bigger bookshelf.

6. There's only one place to get a kick-butt calendar. The Barnes & Noble.

Two words. Cow Yoga. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

7. Receiving a Barnes & Noble gift card is equivalent to receiving a puppy or a Disney trip.

You are going to binge so hard.

8. When you want to feel nostalgic, the best place to visit is Barnes & Noble, Jr.

Your favorite classics are waiting there for you. Whether it be Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss, Mercer Mayer, Mem Fox, “Goodnight Moon”, “Babar”, “Corduroy” or anything in between, I promise you will find it and your childhood in the Jr. section.

9. For some reason, you always end up reading at least one children's book.

Most of the time, it’s out loud with whomever you are with. Laughter will ensue..or tears when you realize, as an adult, that the majority of characters in these books are seen as different and just looking to be loved.

10. The most painful torture is knowing you can never experience it all.

So many books, movies, music, games, activities, toys, etc., and so little time.

11. The perfect way to celebrate yet another successful trip to Barnes & Noble is to cap it off with your favorite Starbucks drink.

This is also the perfect time to open up your new book and start reading!

As you exit the store and into the cruel world once more, do not be saddened. Whether you have a Pop Vinyl Figure or the newest release from your favorite series in your cream and green bag, you are one step closer to making your personal library an exact replica of Barnes & Noble. And don’t forget, when the apocalypse comes, you won’t have to leave.

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