11 Things I Appreciate My Little Brother For
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11 Things I Appreciate My Little Brother For

Though he can be a a pain he's one of my favorite people.

11 Things I Appreciate My Little Brother For
Logan Skorniak

While I use to joke around and say I wished I had a little sister, I'm so grateful that I have the brother that I have. My little brother may be a pain at times and annoy the heck out of me, but he is undoubtedly one of my best friends, and there are a lot of things I appreciate about him.

1. Teaching me how to play GTA

I never really got into video games, with the exception of Mario Kart. When my brother got an Xbox, though, he eventually convinced me to venture past Mario Kart and introduced me to Grand Theft Auto. My life changed. While I still am not sure exactly what the point or the ultimate goal of the game is, I do know it’s surprisingly fun and entertaining to run around via video game stealing luxury cars, wave runners and the occasional city bus.

2. Dealing with my lack of sports knowledge

I’ve also never been a huge sports person. However, many years ago when my brother started playing basketball, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed watching the game. I caught on to the rules fairly well because it’s pretty simple, but one thing confused me; why was a three throw usually only one point? My brother, without an ounce of judgment, explained it was a “free throw.” I was enlightened. Unfortunately, that isn’t the stupidest sports question I’ve asked, but hey, I’m learning.

3. Always being down to watch Family Guy

Because sometimes you need to watch a show that potentially causes you to lose brain cells.

4. For not being too embarrassed of me in high school

As an older sister, you know there comes a heartbreaking point when your little baby brother no longer thinks you are cool, but rather is mortified to be related to you (every older sister experienced that right?). Well even though my brother probably didn't appreciate me getting overly excited to see him in the halls, or my friends yelling "have a good day, sweetie honey pie" at him during his freshman year, he would still always wave to me and maybe even talk to me.

5. Always being able to make me laugh

While some of his jokes are inappropriate or inappropriately timed (90% of them, if we are being real) he has a good sense of humor and can always lighten my mood or make me laugh.

6. For always having my back

My brother will be the first one to make fun of me or roast me, but he is also the first to jump to my defense. The maddest I’ve ever seen my brother is when someone has crossed me or treated me poorly. He knows I can handle myself, but it’s nice knowing he is always on my side and I have his support if I ever did need it.

7. For being a role model despite being younger than me

A big misconception is that the older sibling is the one the younger one looks up to. Don’t get me wrong, it's kind of our job to guide them, and I hope I've helped my brother one way or another with life and advice. I'd be lying, though, if I said I didn't look up to him (both figuratively and literally because he has been taller than me for the last three years). He is persistent and goes after what he wants until he gets it, and it's motivated me to be more persistent and more proactive at chasing after my goals.

8. For keeping it real with me

My brother is blunt to say the least, especially with me. He will tell me if I'm being ridiculous or if I did something stupid. Which is nice because I get occasional reality checks and because I know when he tells me I did something right or well, he really means it.

9. For being my PIC at family vacations/ functions

No one understands your family fully unless they are part of it, so it's nice having a sibling to shake your head with when your dad starts singing. It's also nice to have a person who is just as adventurous as you during vacations (shout out to my little brother for going parasailing with me when no one else would).

10. For having sibling telepathy

It's nice being able to look over at someone when something weird happens and have them know exactly what you are thinking. It's also nice when a person is annoying the heck out of you and looking over and smirking because you both know you think someone is being obnoxious.

11. For understanding me

This may sound cheesy, but I feel like my brother is one of the few people in my life who truly gets me. He knows all the things that make me tick; he knows when I’m upset, even if I’m not acting like I am; and he knows what I’m really passionate about. He can read me better than anyone I know, and I’m glad I got to grow up with someone who understands me the way he does.

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