Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you’ve heard of the new Netflix original series, Stranger Things. It seems as if everyone has either watched it or has had a friend beg them to give it a chance. No matter what, there are some pretty iconic moments in the show that are sure to go down in television history. Most of those moments involve a specific character – Eleven (El for short). And, since college can be an awful lot like the terrifying world of the Upside Down, I thought it’d be fun to see how El would react to it.

So, here is college life as explained by Eleven. Hopefully she doesn’t run into any Demogorgons!

1. When you walk into your first class - and you don't know anyone.

2. When the professor says attendance isn't mandatory.

3. When you can’t fall asleep because the pressure of adulthood is slowly eating you alive.

4. When it's Monday.

5. When someone asks you what grade you got on the first assignment.

6. When you're struggling to get ready for your 8 AM.

7. When you have two tests to study for, ten chapters to read, and a plan to end world hunger all due by tomorrow.

8. When you actually get to go out on the weekend.

9. But then you realize you just tricked yourself into procrastinating.

10. When your entire class fails a test together.

11. When it's nearing the end of the year and you're desperately trying to use up the rest of your meal plan.

12. When you're drowning in stress.

13. When you gotta put your thinking cap on and teach yourself an entire course in one night.

14. Walking into class on the last day.

15. Walking out.

Congrats El, you escaped the Upside Down! Now if only we could find Barb…