11 Reasons Judge Judy Would Kill It As Your Life Coach

11 Reasons Judge Judy Would Kill It As Your Life Coach

"If you want the facts, you go to a therapist. If you want the law, come to court."


Judge Judy is a woman who is not to be messed with. She knows what's right, and whats wrong, and she will make sure you know it too. No matter who tries to manipulate her into seeing things their way, she always sets them straight and sees right through the bullshit. As one of the biggest Tv icons with sarcasm to boot, here are 11 reasons why you need Judge Judy as a life coach.

1. She tells you how it is.

Even if it's not the nicest.

2. She's full of worldly advise.

Even if it doesn't always make sense.

3. She will call you out on your bullshit.

She can see right through people, and she makes sure to make it known. There is no room for bullshit in her life, and definitely won't allow you to accept it either.

4. She recognizes people's differences.

5. She knows the importance of intelligence.

Beauty will fade, but intelligence will last forever. No matter how aesthetically good looking you might be, intelligence will always win.

6. She knows the importance of being humble.

7. She sees people for who they really are,

8. She knows how to demand attention.

She knows what she deserves, and she lets the world know it. There is no room for disrespect in her courtroom.

9. She knows how to build a bridge and move on.

10. She has excellent time management skills.

She doesn't want anybody to waste her time. She knows that there are a thousand other cases to see, and doesn't want to waste her time anywhere.

11. She has high standards and expect you to, too.

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