On October 27th, the long-awaited second season of the Netlifx Original "Stranger Things" premiered. If you're anything like me, you watched Season 1 faster than Eleven consumes her Eggo Waffles. So, to celebrate the return to the Upside Down and all that comes with it, here are 11 (ha) fun facts you may not know about the series.

1. Netflix bought the show within 24 hours of being pitched the concept.

2. Over a thousand (906 boys and 307 girls) auditioned for the lead roles.

3. Before landing the role of Dustin, Gaten Matarazzo was performing on Broadway. His dream role is to play the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera.

4. Millie Bobby Brown was told to get her inspiration from E.T. when playing Eleven.

5. The show was originally set in Montauk, NY.

6. The cast and crew were told to watch specific movies including Stand By Me, The Goonies, Poltergeist, and Nightmare on Elm Street to gather inspiration for the show.

7. Gaten Matarazzo grew up a lot during filming. So much so that they weren't able to use his voice for any dialogue recordings at the end of production because his voice had lowered so much.

8. Over 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt was used to make Eleven float in the pool.

9. Hopper's trailer only cost $1 to buy.

10. Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), requested that his character wear a camo bandana

11. Steve and Nancy weren't originally supposed to get back together at the end of the series but the writers liked the actor that played Steve so much they changed the fate of his character.