There are hundreds of people on these city streets tonight, but I walk alone. My footsteps follow the rhythm of the city, in perfect harmony with the slams of car doors and the wails of the street band's trumpet. I should be scared. Danger sits patiently in the dark, muddy alleys, behind fences, and in dimly-lit buildings. I should be scared. But I'm not. The dark around me is bested by the light. Light from towers, from street lights, from neon signs. There is so much light, it infiltrates my vision and makes everything seem surreal. I am at peace with it. In fact, I thrive off of it. It is my comfort. It keeps me warm in the frigid temperatures. The city is electric, there is no part of it that isn't alive. If you see me alone on the street tonight walking calmly, my face painted with awe instead of filled with discomfort or even fear, know I am enveloped in the city's arms, at ease with knowing I belong to it, and i will never be alone as long as I am here.