Young People Need to Take Action to Save SCOTUS
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Politics and Activism

The Future Rests With the Youth, Who Need to Get Ready

The Supreme Court's fate hangs in the balance, it's up to my generation to save it.

The Future Rests With the Youth, Who Need to Get Ready

As of the date on which this article was written, there is a man accused of sexual assault who now has the power to make important decisions about women's rights and health.

His confirmation hearing came after a chaotic hearing in which only one of his multiple accusers was able to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The Senate failed to subpoena the only other individual that was reportedly in the room.

After the hearings, a farce of an FBI investigation gave way to Justice Kavanaugh.

My generation, Generation Z, thus far has a good record with politics.

Growing up with social media allowed us to see firsthand accounts of police brutality and racial injustice in our political systems.

We turned to activism after the horrific shooting in Florida, when we realized our lives were the ones in danger.

Young people, like the majority of Americans, are upset with Kavanaugh not just for being a sexual assaulter, but his un-American views.

We can and should call the views of conservative activist judges what they are: un-American.

Because most Americans stand with the LGBT community, most Americans support choice, and most Americans stand with unions.

A 5-4 conservative court will un-do everything brave activists have fought for since Dred Scott (which is a perfect example of why the Court's influence should worry everyone.)

But I digress, the problem with young people is that we have very short attention spans. Everybody thought the second amendment would dominate the midterm elections, but young people have lost their vigor since the "March For Our Lives."

However, we cannot make that mistake now. We can not accept Kavanaugh.

A conservative Supreme Court would do untold damage to thousands of Americans.

So young people who know enough about Kavanaugh and his policies need to resist this onslaught by protesting and organizing.

But above all we need to vote.

Young people consistently vote in the lowest numbers, and it's even worse in midterm elections when there is no president running.

However, my generation has shown a greater capacity for being interested in politics. Likely due to all the wars and the Great Recession.

We have a chance to really make a difference, and at the end of the day, that relies on showing up to the polls.

Many people have a cynical view of American politics but as I've said before, the number of possibilities are quite vast. It was certainly surprising to see an African-American president and there are still enough voters with racist views to keep putting people like Trump in the Oval Office if the non-racists don't show up in large enough numbers to vote.

And it is important to consider who you're voting for. The Republicans have been playing a ruthless political game with the Supreme Court since what they did to Merrick Garland in 2016.

It's time to elect candidates who want to support justices that will defend civil rights.

It's time to elect candidates that are not afraid to fight back against the GOP. Candidates that will fight to end the "nuclear option" and will not balk at unconventional ideas such as "court packing."

We will not win the fight for America's soul by playing softball when the other side wants to play rough.

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