14 Efficient Ways To Pack Up Your College Dorm Room
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14 Efficient Ways To Pack Up Your College Dorm Room

Nobody likes packing but it doesn't have to be the worst thing in the world.

14 Efficient Ways To Pack Up Your College Dorm Room

If you're like me, you didn't heed everyone words of caution/advice to not bring everything you own with you to college. I basically packed up my entire room and crammed it into my 10x10 dorm which looking back on this decision, was a mistake. Slowly I've begun to pack up little by little every time I would go home and try to take back the things I no longer needed. This has barely put a dent in my overall "stuff" here at college. I would be stressed about moving out in about a week but I've mastered all the tips and tricks of cramming your life into a four-door car.

1. Don't take everything off the hangers.

Instead of taking everything off the hangers, zip tie 6-8 hangers together full of clothes and wrap a trash bag around the clothes. This will make the transition between your two closets MUCH easier.

2. Use this packing opportunity to sort through your things.

I'm sure you have one or ten things in your closet that you'll either never wear again or you've just grown out of. Use this opportunity to donate some of that to goodwill, some dorms will even offer goodwill boxes during move out dates for students to utilize.

3. Pack shoes in a reusable shopping/grocery bag.

Shoes by far take up the most space in my suitcase or duffel bag or whatever I usually try to cram them into. Instead, designate one bag for your shoes. It'll be easier to carry than a box and you'd be surprised how many you can fit into one of the giant reusable grocery bags without the bag breaking. I personally used one of these TJ Maxx bags and it was perfect.

4. Utilize every suitcase necessary.

Suitcases are by far the easiest mode of transportation when it comes to clothes or any items you're trying to transport from your dorm to home because literally all you have to do it roll them. No heavy lifting involved, GOD BLESS.

5. Eat as much as your food as you can before you leave.

The one time I'll promote binge eating because it's going to be so much easier to snack during finals week then have to carry all the extra food back with you. Plus you don't want to throw it away because c'mon who wants to waste food? Extra: Same goes for toiletries. It's one less thing to pack.

6. Start packing early.

Like I said, I've been moving myself out little by little and it still wasn't enough. I suggest packing up your clothes bit by bit just so you're not swamped and super stressed on move out day when you have a final at 9 a.m. a.m. and have to be out of your dorm with it cleaned spotless at 1 p.m.

7. Roll, don't fold.

I'm sure most of us know this trick by now, but rolling your clothes instead of folding them can actually save you a lot of space.

8. Use a plastic baggie or some sort of storage container for your makeup.

I usually just use a large sandwich bag for my palettes and brushes and basically anything that won't fit in my normal makeup bag but if you have one of these bad boys then that's even better. If you don't have one I highly suggest getting one as they make traveling 100% easier.

9. Plastic drawers are your best friend when it comes to folded shirts and things not on hangers.

These are the best things ever, especially in college. I kept a lot of my pajamas, folded shirts, and shorts in these things and they're super easy to move from point A to point B. All you have to do it use packaging tape or duct tape to tape the drawers shut on the car ride and you didn't even really pack.

10. Utilize your laundry hamper.

Another easy way to transport clothes, especially the dirty ones you procrastinated washing until move out day so your mom could do it for you at home. Sorry mom.

11. Kendra Scott bags for all jewelry items.

I'm sure we all have one of these lying around and they're surprisingly roomy for all jewelry items. I can fit just about all of my jewelry items in just two of these bags. They can also be useful for nail polish or small hair accessories. (Mason jars are also really helpful for nail polish storage but a bit more breakable.)

12. Your backpack.

While I'm sure you'll be loading all your books into your backpack there's actually a lot more room than you think. Use the extra space for loading any other miscellaneous items like small room decorations or hot tools.

13. Large trash bags are great for throw pillows.

Just pile them all in for easy storage and transportation.

14. Mattress toppers are better off sold.

My best piece of advice is to try and sell your mattress topper before you move out because those things are a pain to store and impossible to get back into their original box, especially if you have a thick one like I do. However, if you don't sell it here's a video on how to vacuum seal it and if that's too complicated you can always roll it up the best you can and use bungee cords to hold it tight.

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