I Hope Your Education Major Is Hard

To every university student who wants to be a teacher: I hope your education major is hard.

People say education majors are easy, but I hope that it's tough for you.

The reason I hope it's hard is the same reason you say it's not easy: You're preparing to teach our future.

So many people want to believe that education majors are easy because they don't see how much work truly goes into it.

They only see people crafting adorable activities or hear about them teaching what we now consider simple knowledge. They don't realize the requirements that have to be met, the guidelines to follow, and while some things might seem simple for grown people, those things are new and difficult to a child just learning it.

I hope that my future children are challenged in their schoolwork, but for that to happen, their teacher needs to be challenged as well.

If educations majors were easy, it would take no time to throw together a lesson or create activities for kids to do.

What children learn should be challenging for them. It shouldn't be hard to learn, but it should test them and make them grow.

This should be done by challenging one's self.

Education majors are, technically, in the shoes of the children they will one day teach.

As an education major, you're being taught how to teach others. You are learning, and the best way to learn is by being challenged.

Along with this, the future of the world is going to be in your hands.

Think about that.

Think about how much you know. Think about how much of that was learned in school. Think about all the basic skills you learned in a classroom. Think about how one day the people you teach will become those who help maintain and run society.

Your students will one day become independent in society, and they should be prepared by having a fantastic education. You should have to work hard because you will one day have a very big responsibility.

I would want my own kids' teachers to have a lot of training and education under their belt. I would want my kids' teachers to be prepared.

Teaching is such an important part of society; it helps it run and grow.

If that's your dream, to help teach, I hope you're putting plenty of blood, sweat, and tears into your work.

I hope your major is giving you a lot of work and you feel the pressure from it because it will only help you excel, and in turn, help your future students.

I hope your major is hard because, at the end of the day, it will only make you better.

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