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Some of the hardest jobs and internships to find are those in the creative fields.However, thanks to Ed2010, internships in the writing, editing and media field are much easier to come by.Ed2010 compiles thousands of available jobs and internships from the writing, magazine and editorial fields and makes the search for the perfect summer job that much easier. To navigate the page, a student simply clicks the "Whisper Jobs" section and selects the type of work you're looking for (unpaid, paid, full time or freelance). After that, a list of grade-A jobs in the market will appear with detailed descriptions, requirements and contact info. What makes Ed2010 so great is that the listings come straight from the source. The editors and writers are the ones personally emailing Ed asking him to include their jobs on the site, so they're all official and all the positions need to be filled as soon as possible.

Although the site's description says it's just for magazine jobs, there is more than you could imagine. Not only are they looking for interns and writers, they are looking for designers, web starters, photographers and even beauty experts. With offers from magazines like Harper's Bazaar, Oprah's O Magazine and Maxim, there is a job for everyone and you're sure to find your dream job.  

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