Why Ed Sheeran Should Win At The Grammys

In 2011, music gained its very own angel. This angel is Ed Sheeran, also known as "ginger Jesus," who came into the music business at the age of 20 and released his debut album "(Plus) +." He has since then been one of the most original and talented artists of this generation. His first album has gone platinum six times which includes one of the most popular songs of the decade, "The A Team." After the success of his first album, Ed Sheeran is known to be featured on his close friend Taylor Swift's album "Red," opening her tours and eventually selling out his own tours at huge arenas like Madison Square Garden.

Ed Sheeran is no stranger to the award show scene. After releasing two hugely popular albums, Ed has won 40 awards and has been nominated for 104 other awards. Since 2012, Ed Sheeran has been nominated for six Grammy Awards but has never won. This year at the upcoming Grammy Awards on February 15th 2016, Ed Sheeran is nominated for four more awards including "Record of the Year," and "Song of the Year."

As the Leonardo DiCaprio of music, this is the year that Ed Sheeran (and Leo) needs to win. Who even knows when he will release new music?? The Grammys should recognize not only his incredible second album "(Multiply) x," but to also recognize how he has grown as an artist.

Ed Sheeran deserves to be a Grammy winner. He writes and performs all his own music, sings soft ballads but he also raps a couple verses. There is no one in the music industry like Ed Sheeran, so he should be rewarded for all that he has accomplished. He has the success, charm and unique quality of a Grammy winner, all he needs is the actual award.

Up for nomination this year is Ed's popular song "Thinking Out Loud." Not only does the song have a romantic, angelic melody, but the video is just as sweet; which actually features an adorable Ed Sheeran with impressive dance moves. Make sure you check out this video below, and the complete list of Grammy nominations here , before you tune in to the show next week.

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