Valentine's day is a holiday that is always loaded. It can be packed with feelings of sadness or highlight the lack of feelings someone has. For others it can be a joyous day or a chance to tell someone how they truly feel. Many people look at the holiday as just a 'way to sell candy' or a Hallmark Holiday. However, this article is not about how you feel about Valentine's Day. This article is not about the history or validity of Valentine's day. This article is a gentle reminder that there are many ways to share our love with family, friends, and significant others, but how we often forget to show our love for the environment too!

1. Plant a Tree or Donate!

I know this seems a little out there, but think about it like this: how many people carve names into trees? You+me=forever! Well, now you can name a tree after your sweetheart and know that they are bettering the planet with being with you and providing oxygen. Click here to donate to plant a tree!

2. Create Customize 3D Printed Jewelry

So why not save on expensive jewelry and get a cool gift? Did you know you can have customized 3D Printer jewelry with recycled materials! Give that special someone something that no one else has while not using up new materials.

3. Try a little something sexy...

So maybe you want to get a little intimate or 'romantic'. You can get a gift like that while being eco-friendly, too! Here is another article detailing all the eco-friendly lingerie companies. Usually they are fair labor too! (bonus!)

4. Have a BYOE Valentine's Event

This one isn't a gift but more so an eco-friendly way to throw an event! Throw a Bring Your Own Everything party. Sometimes people, especially college students, go to paper plates or plastic utensils. Try hosting a fun loving event but everyone bring their own plate, fork and knife.

5. Remember to Spread the Love

Remember the that the earth gives us a gift daily.--Breathable Air and sustained life. The least we could do is get our loved ones a gift that doesn't hurt the earth. With that being said, I ask you --Will You Be My Eco-Valentine?