5 Products From Amazon Every Environmentalist Needs
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5 Eco-Friendly Products From Amazon Every Sustainable, Environmentally-Friendly Person Needs

These products will become your new favorites

5 Eco-Friendly Products From Amazon Every Sustainable, Environmentally-Friendly Person Needs

Every little contribution can help when it comes to saving our planet. Here are my top five favorite eco-friendly products from Amazon!

1. Silicone Baking Sheets

These are a great replacement to parchment paper. They're non-stick and easy to clean and store. Whether you're roasting veggies in the oven or baking cookies these are a must-have!

2. Makeup Remover Pads

For all you folks that wear makeup, these reusable makeup pads do the trick. Instead of using makeup wipes that are harsh and drying on your skin and add to waste switch up your daily skincare routine and try micellar water with these! These are gentle on your skin and easy to clean. Definitely a great gift for the makeup lover in your life.

3. Reusable K-Cups

Coffee is one of the few joys in my life, but when I found myself going through too many disposable K-cups I wanted to find a way to reduce that waste. When I found these reusable K-cups I seriously reduced my waste and I started spending less on coffee.

4. Reusable Drink Ware

Going off of the above, reusable drinkware is a major way to reduce waste if you're able to. Whether it be a reusable water bottle, a travel mug, straws, or a tumbler; all of these aid in making the world a little more green.

5. Sandwich Bags

These reusable sandwich bags are a great alternative for plastic baggies. They're made of silicone, easy to store, and come in different sizes!

With all of this I want to add a friendly reminder: If you have the resources to make these changes then do consider it. But no one knows what another person's financial status is nor does anyone know why someone may not opt for a reusable straw.

Too many people with disabilities have been targets of harassment in the name of the environment.

So, before you speak when you see someone using a plastic straw or something else remember you do not know what people go through. Be empathetic and do the best that you can.

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