4 Eco-Friendly Items That Are Easy To Find, Affordable, And So Good For The Planet

4 Eco-Friendly Items That Are Easy To Find, Affordable, And So Good For The Planet

It’s time to re-evaluate common household items for how damaging to the Earth they can be

Ever since I saw this video of a sea turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nose, I became very into eco-friendliness. When I saw the pain he was going through when it was being removed from his nostrils, I felt like it was my fault. What if my straw from Dunkin Donuts was the straw that ended up harming him?

It is extremely easy to avoid this by simply switching out your unrecyclable/un-biodegradable home and kitchen tools for green ones. Plastic is so harmful to sea life and animals because it takes years and years to break down, and the emissions from factories that produce plastic destroy the climate. Plastic is in everything, but you will probably be surprised to learn that the eco-friendly versions of these everyday objects even exist!

1. Stainless steel straws

If you didn’t know before, after watching that video that poor turtle will probably haunt you. Heres another nightmare of a statistic : Americans use 500 million drinking straws every day, which is enough to fill over 125 school buses with straws every day.

Buying stainless steel straws are such an easy fix because they are available in so many stores now.

2. Bamboo Toothbrush

I hope you are getting rid of your toothbrush every three months, and when the time comes you should consider using a bamboo toothbrush. Okay, it sounds weird to brush your teeth with wood, but it is totally worth it once you understand how wasteful plastic toothbrushes are. Every toothbrush you have ever used in your life is still on this planet in a landfill or in an ocean. One quick search on Google and you will find lots of places to buy your plastic-free toothbrush!

3. Reusable food wraps

Say no to plastic wrap, and say hello to food wrap made from beeswax. Look, I get that these options are sounding a little crazy. But, if you use plastic wrap or Ziplocks you’re letting chemicals like BPA seep into your food. They are reusable with a quick rinse, and unlike plastic, these wraps are biodegradable.

4. Reusable shopping bag

Plastic bags are killers of sea life, birds and other animals. The United States uses about 100 billion plastic bags per year, but only about 2% of plastic bags are recycled in the United States. If you haven’t already, get yourself some reusable shopping bags and help save the Earth, man.

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Frat boys are a species of their own and here are some exciting gifts they will be ecstatic to receive!


What more do frat boys love than alcohol, partying, and just acting stupid? Here are some gifts that help fulfill all of those needs for the frat boy in your life!

1. Beer holster belt

Whats better than one beer? Six beers! This fashionable camouflage accessory can be used for tailgates, beach days, formals and everything in between.

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2. Phone juul holder 

You know those cardholders everyone sticks on the back of their phones? Well, now a Juul holder for your phone is on the market! This will save your favorite frat boy from ever again losing his Juul!

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4. The American Fraternity book

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5. Beer pong socks 

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8. "Frat" sticker

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Price: $21.85

11. Bud Light Neon Beer Sign 

A neon beer sign will be the perfect addition to any frat boys bedroom.

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12. Beer Opener

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13. Frat House Dr. Sign

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Forget stealing random street signs, with this gift frat boys no longer have to do so.

14. Beer Lights 

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Price: $17.19

Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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Gift Guide: College BFF Edition

Thoughtful and budget-friendly gifts for all your favorite gal pals.


After we fill our bellies full of turkey and stuffing, it's time to think about Christmas. Gifts, food, bright lights and snow... Who doesn't love the holidays? While all of these things may be fun, it can be a little difficult to prepare for.

Gift giving, which is super exciting and thoughtful, can sometimes be overwhelming. Presents for our parents, our siblings, our friends... Money can get tight. In order to maintain a stable budget & be a great gift-giver, a simple college gift guide is below. Enjoy!

1. Restaurant Gift Cards

While this may seem like a strange gift, it is definitely practical and something your friend will thank you for in the long run. Make sure to do some research; find out your friend's favorite restaurant or what the best restaurants around their college campus are. Some of my go-tos are Chipotle, Starbucks, or Calios (Syracuse students will understand). If you're not sure what restaurant to choose, delivery services like GrubHub also offer gift cards.

2. Uber Gift Card 

For another easy gift card idea, get your friend an Uber gift card! Coming to college, I didn't expect to be Ubering all the time, but then again, a freshman on campus do not have cars! Even if you do have cars on campus, it's a good gesture in case you and your friends need a DD after a party.

3. Throw Blanket

Who doesn't love a cozy throw blanket? Keep warm during these chilly months and spice up any dorm room. Best places for throw blankets? Target, Home Goods, or Marshalls.

4. Socks... Always socks. 

Getting socks was the worst as a kid, but now I'm elated when I receive them as a gift. Cabin socks are the best for your friends at cold places, but you can also get them ones with Christmas patterns or different funny sayings. A great company that sells some pretty quirky socks is Blue-Q. You've probably seen them before... and if not, check them out!

5. Framed Pictures

Framed pictures of you and your bestie are cheap, easy, and thoughtful. They work as cute dorm decorations and will also remind your friend of you, even if you are halfway across the country. Want to make it extra special? Write a letter on the back of the picture.

6. Coffee Mugs / Water Bottles 

You can't really go wrong with this. College students are always on the go, and sometimes even up to the late hours of the night, (catch me in the library at 3 a.m. on finals week). Hook your friends up with a cute water bottle or coffee mug so they can grab it and run!

7. Anything from B&BW... Except Candles

Bath and Body Works is a go-to for a simple gift. Choose from body sprays, lotions, and shower gels... But don't get candles! Dorm fire safety is a bummer. Adhere to a Christmas theme by choosing scents like Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple, or Twisted Peppermint.

8. College Paraphernalia 

Whether you and your BFF go to the same college or are miles away, you can always get them some college gear. In my opinion, you can never have enough college hoodies... but if they do, you can always opt for a winter hat or some pajamas. Keep it unique!

I hope you found something budget friendly and cute to give to your BFFs. Maybe you'll get one of these things in return!

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