10 Eco-Friendly Businesses To Support in 2019

10 Eco-Friendly Businesses To Support in 2019

Not all business is bad business for Mother Earth.

10 Eco-Friendly Businesses To Support in 2019

The Earth is continuing to warm. Plastics continue to end up in the ocean, where they wreak havoc on marine life. Storms are growing more intense. All of this spells trouble for the 7.7 billion people on Earth.

Environmentally conscious shoppers can support businesses working to fight the human-produced causes of these problems. Here are 10 businesses who have incorporated the green movement into their business practices and products.

1. Ecoplum

Victoria Durgin

Ecoplum is a site dedicated to connecting consumers to environmentally friendly options from domestic and international sellers. According to the website, Ecoplum's offerings fulfill a number of criteria, including certified vegan, organic, fair trade, and sustainable ingredients and materials. Plus, their rewards program offers customers the opportunity to donate to a number of eco-friendly charities and causes.

2. Patagonia


Patagonia is famous for their dedication to a sustainable future. Their products are pricey, but anyone willing to spend the money should support the business model Patagonia practices. They recycle old products, encourage consumers to not buy more than they need, and donate a percentage of annual profits to environmental activist groups. They are also mindful of the ecological footprint left by the creation of their garments and take steps to minimize that footprint.

Shop Patagonia in stores or online.

3. 4ocean


4ocean takes mankind's trash and turns it into jewelry that then cleans up the trash. The cycle starts with 4ocean's use of plastics to make bracelets. Then, part of the proceeds of every bracelet sold funds beach and ocean cleanup projects all around the world. Certain bracelet designs also contribute to efforts focused on helping the global shark population.

4. Seventh Generation


Seventh Generation makes eco-friendly household cleaning supplies with plant-based ingredients. Seventh Generation is also mindful of the process through which their products are created; they claim their products are sustainable from development through disposal, when consumers are encouraged to recycle the bottles which are themselves made of recycled materials. The company also works with the Sierra Club and encourages green policy work across the country.

Seventh Generation is available in most stores and online.

5. Beyond Meat


Veganism won't save our climate problems single-handedly, but swapping out meat once or twice a week can help the planet. Beyond Meat is a popular option for meat substitutes even according to some die-hard carnivores. The company offers plant-based versions of burgers, sausages and other popular meat dishes.

Beyond Meat is available online and offered in some restaurants and grocery stores.

6. Lush Cosmetics


Lush is known for their cosmetics products. From bath bombs to shampoo, Lush offers something for everyone, including Mother Nature. All of Lush's products are certified vegetarian and ethical, meaning minimal harm is caused to life by the creation of the products. This is all a good sign for carbon emissions, as well. Additionally, Lush products are either packaged with sustainable, recycled materials or not packaged at all, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and, often, the ocean.

Lush products are available in stores and online.

7. Numi Teas


If you find yourself in the market for some tea in the new year, try Numi Teas. Numi Teas are sourced organically from Fair Trade farmers and Numi funds clean water initiatives globally. The company also works with students in Oakland, CA on gardening projects to encourage the next generation to practice sustainable living options.

Numi Teas are available in stores and at their website.

8. Local Farmers Markets


Local farmers markets are great for so many reasons, not least among them being their benefit to Earth. Local produce often has to travel far less distances to reach you than what you find in a grocery store, so you don't have to worry about the emissions transmitted during travel. Plus, you can easily transport the produce with as little packaging as possible.

9. Hewlett-Packard


HP is becoming more eco-conscious every year. The company has recently committed to developing recycling programs that take old computer equipment from any brand and either re-use it or discard it somewhere other than a landfill. It is a great step for a tech company, as the technology we have all come to love and rely on is harmful to the environment in both its production and afterlife.

10. Ikea


If you find yourself needing furniture anytime soon, head to Ikea. The infamous company has dedicated themselves to switching the lighting in all of its stores to energy-efficient LEDs; it also is looking to use more sustainable materials and renewable energy in the manufacturing of their products.

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