Simple Valentine's Date And Gift Ideas For Her
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Simple Valentine's Date And Gift Ideas For Her

"That's how it works, that's how you get the girl." - Taylor Swift

Simple Valentine's Date And Gift Ideas For Her

Even though there’s still a few weeks to go, we are quickly approaching Valentine’s Day. You probably just gasped because you realized it’s coming up quicker than you thought, and you don’t have any plans for your valentine just yet. You still don’t know what to get her this year, and you don’t want to be the stereotypical guy that just gives flowers and a nice card. I get it. So, here are some ideas that are not only easy, but inexpensive, authentic and worth doing.

Instead of going out, stay in. Have an indoor fire, roast some marshmallows, and enjoy each other’s company with a hot chocolate and good movie.

Watch a Disney movie. Don’t feel obligated to suggest her favorite chick flick; she’ll know you won’t like it, but at least with Disney, you both can have fun impersonating funny quotes.

Go through some good dancing music and have a dance party with your girl. The best memories are made through laughter, which is exactly what funny dance moves will do. You can either make it classy and get dressed up to slow dance, or have a dance contest in your PJ’s. Whatever you think she would like best.

While you’re in the kitchen, make your favorite dessert together. Nothing’s sweeter than making sweet treats with your honey (sorry I had to with the puns).

Have a paint night. You both may not be the most artistic people on the world, but handmade work can be so entertaining and so meaningful. You never know if the artwork you do together could be in your very first house together one day.

Make a list of date ideas you want to go on in the summer. It is so difficult to make fun, adventurous dates in the winter because it can get too cold to do anything outside.

Find another couple and go on a group date. From going out to dinner, or having a bowling night, there’s nothing wrong with sharing Valentine’s Day with other friends hoping to have a great night too.

Play games that require you both to ask questions about each other. This way, you not only have fun, but you learn more about your partner for future plans. Examples include “would you rather” or 20 questions.

Plan a fake vacation and have a contest to see who can make it the cheapest.

And if you can’t see her for Valentine’s Day...

Find a flower shop near her and send whatever flowers you want to give her. Some bouquets can be expensive, but a very small one is enough to make a girl’s day. You could get us a single rose and maybe a candy bar and we would probably cry (Side note: If she prefers fake ones, get them. They are very cheap and she can keep them forever).

Send her a gift card to her favorite fast food place. This way she can eat whenever she wants and doesn’t have to spend too much money on a meal for herself. Every girl loves free food, trust me.

Send her “Open When” letters. This takes some time and effort, but with help from the internet, you can get a set of index cards, find things you can write to give her the best comfort and support you can give. You can get ideas here

Find a stack of old playing cards and write a reason for why you love her/enjoy her company on each of the cards. Another time-consuming project, but she will know how much effort you had to put into this, and she will appreciate everything you write.

Assure her you’ll pray for her. If you can, always make sure she knows that she is not only loved by you, but by God Himself. Do not ever let her forget her worth. Pray that she never forgets how beautiful she is, that she is loved, and that she is enough.

While you’re at it, you can also pick out bible verses, songs, or quotes that remind you of her. I can guarantee you she will be smiling forever because of it.

So, don’t be the stereotypical couple that goes out to dinner with a gift card and flowers to give. Make it unique this year. Do something spontaneous. Don’t be afraid to be different than the rest of the relationships in the world. Always remember that most girls don’t want you to break your wallet over them. They want to be reminded how loved they are and how much they mean to you. Little gestures can go in big directions; you just have to find what can make her the happiest. Everyone has different love stories; make yours your favorite.

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