11 Lifehacks That Can Help You Daily
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Student Life

11 Life Hacks That Will Make You Feel Like A Genius While Changing Your Life

I know as a college student I would absolutely love a nice bluetooth speaker but I also can't afford one.


As a cheap, poor college student I am ALWAYS looking for new and cheap ways to improve my lifestyle but also without spending any money at all. I absolutely love finding easier ways to do things and then telling my friends about it!

1. Painting your keys for certain things

I know that people who have their own place or may even manage a business, you have a lot of keys! Well, I happen to have keys for both reasons and I always am confused on what key is to where. So, what I do is I color code my keys and paint the top of them with different colored nail polish. I promise, it works!

2. Pantry fruit holder

So you know those shoe holders you can buy at target that you hang on the back of your door so that your closet floor is not all cluttered with shoes? Well, instead of shoes try food! Hang it on the back of your pantry door and BAM you have places for fruit, vegetables, snacks, ANYTHING!

3. Air fresheners in your vents at home

Instead of putting air fresheners in your cars fans, try putting them in your houses fans or air conditioning fans so that your house smells amazing all the time!

4. Using a cup as a speaker

I know as a college student I would absolutely love a nice bluetooth speaker but I also can't afford one. So, to fix this I just take an empty cup, turn my music volume up and place my phone inside the cup which makes it so much louder and free of charge!

5. Removing deodorant stains with dryer sheets

I was a dancer all throughout my life and I always made the mistake of putting on deodorant before my uniform. When I would put my uniform top on, I would always have streaks and I would get so upset cause I did it every time! I then was told by a teammate that rubbing dryer sheets on your deodorant stains removes it completely!

6. Hang your bobby pins up on a magnet 

This one is mainly for girls, unless you are a guy who wears bobby pins (no shame). Put a long piece of a magnet in your bedroom or even your bathroom and let your bobby pins hang on it so that they don't end up all over your floor!

7. Get your beauty blender wet before using

This one is ALSO for girls mainly, or guys if you wear makeup but try wetting your beauty blender a little bit so that tit is damp before applying your liquid foundation! It will go on a lot smoother and will leave no streaks.

8. Use frozen grapes to chill your white wine

I have seen this everywhere and been told about this from my friends who are big wine drinkers! Instead of ice cubes, freeze some grapes and put them in your wine to keep it chilled. It also helps it not get watery either!

9. Turn on your seat warmer to keep your pizza warm

This is so strange, BUT if you are picking up pizza or any hot dinner on the way home and you have a little bit of a drive turn on your passenger seat warmer and put your food on top! This can help keep your food warm so once you get home you aren't eating cold food.

10. Put your wet phone in rice

Everyone I am sure knows this, but if you get your phone wet put it in rice! It works, I swear.

11. Coffee ice cubes

In the summer I drink iced coffee but I HATE when the ice melts and it tastes watered down. So, of course, I found a solution to this that you can use too! Buy a cheap ice try, brew some coffee and pour the coffee into the ice tray to make coffee ice cubes for your iced coffee in the morning!

I am sure there are so many more life hacks out there, but these ones I felt like are most relatable to a lot of people these days. I hope after reading this your coffee tastes better, your clothes are free of deodorant streaks and you never mix up your keys again!

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