Broke. College. Halloween. These things do NOT go well together. Heres my guide to Halloween so you don't break your bank.

1. Dr. (first name) (last name) 


Hand me a 10-blade, push one of epi. You can easily become a doctor at your local Walmart; they have cute scrubs!

2. House-wife


Get yourself a pair of rubber gloves, put on your cutest blouse, shortest skirt, some red lipstick, and your pearls. As easy as it can be.

3. Rosie the Riveter 


Put your jeans on, your jean button down and a red bandana.... ! BANG ! Power-suit.

4. The Bachelorette

Alexander Marie Guillemin

Whip out that old prom or homecoming dress and grab a rose from the store, you are the next Bachelorette.

5. The Devil


Red outfit and make yourself some horns.