10 Easy Halloween Costumes That Won't Break The Bank
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10 Easy Halloween Costumes That Won't Break The Bank

For those of you who don't plan ahead but need a cheap and cute costume for Halloween.

10 Easy Halloween Costumes That Won't Break The Bank
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Honestly, I am one of those people that buy or create their Halloween costume about three days before Halloweekend, and each year I regret it!

So this year, I’ll provide some of you with the motivation and inspiration for a Halloween costume that will make you look great but also won't make you broke (because, low key, college students have about $10 to spend on anything out of their regular budget).

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You only get to celebrate Halloween in college four times! Well, I mean four multiplied by three if you go out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, but seriously, make it count!

1. Risky Business

This costume takes minimal work, as you only require a long white shirt, some shorts, black sunglasses and long socks. You can totally curl your hair or put on as much makeup as you want and make the costume more creative!

It's really inexpensive as you can order a white shirt, some socks, and black sunglasses for a total under $30 on websites such as Amazon.

Honestly, you can also just ask a friend to borrow a long white shirt, find some inexpensive long socks in your drawer, and use any type of sunglasses you find around the house.

2. Housewife/Trophy wife

A housewife is the easiest costume if you want to look cute but also not broke. Basically, wear a low cut black shirt with some type of skirt, buy some yellow gloves at the nearest dollar store, and find something kitchen themed to bring with you. (plus points if you find some fake pearls).

If you want to spice it up a bit and be a trophy wife, you can carry around a bottle of wine (not a real one, just a fake) and make something in your costume sparkly or incorporate a piece of clothing that looks a tad more expensive than the rest of the outfit.

It's really something you could pull out of your closet last minute!

3. Boxer

My second-year roommate was actually a boxer and she looked amazing for Halloween.

You only have to have some boxing gloves, and even if you don't, you could buy some boxing bandages at CVS and use those to make it look like you're a boxer. You braid your hair and order a satin robe, and put on a sports bra and shorts.

Assuming you already have most of these in your closet, it will basically cost you $8 to buy the robe on Amazon.

4. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

This costume is very similar to the Risky Business one, except you'll probably have to buy a wig and a fake cigarette. It's very low key, but as long as you make a bitchy face while walking around, people will probably understand who you are (unless they've never seen Pulp Fiction...). You can buy the wig along with the fake cigarette for less than $15 and call it a night!

5. A Kardashian

You basically just have to have some type of tight tank top that reveals a lot of cleavage and leggings, plus points if you have them in a nude color.

If you want to go all out, then you can definitely google some Kardashian looks, but I think this one is pretty obvious as I've seen at least four of the Kardashian sisters wear this outfit at some point. If you don't have either, order some nude leggings on Amazon for a solid $10 and a nude crop top for $3 and your Kardashian costume will be ready!

6. Sandy from Grease

I've legit tried to be Sandy from Grease every Halloweekend since first year, and every year I mess up and don't order things in time.


I've taken to actually ordering things in advance so I don't end up being a random character for the fourth year in a row (I was Tove Lo at one point...). This costume is also super easy because you probably own a pair of leggings you could use, a top that looks like Sandy's (its been the 'it' style lately), and all you really need is some lipstick, a fake cigarette, and a curling iron.

You could totally omit the red shoes if you don't have them in your closet, as everyone will probably already know what your costume is.

7. A Van Gogh painting

This one is the easiest on this list as all you really need to do is order some Starry night leggings, which can easily be found online and cost about $10. Everything else in the costume is up to you, and you could basically go any way with it. If you want to do something crazy and spice it up, do your hair and makeup in a crazy way!

8. Britney Spears

This is the oldest costume in the book, but somehow it never manages to actually get old. If you have a school girl looking outfit and some long socks, and maybe a pair of docs or something similar, consider your costume ready. Most people find this to be a very easy Halloween costume option, but also relatively cute!

9. Regina George from Mean Girls

I decided to make this my costume last year, and, I kid you not, it took about five minutes to figure out. As long as you have a white tank top, a colored bra, and a skirt, you can make this your costume in seconds.

It's from a scene in "Mean Girls" (which you should know already, I mean who hasn't seen Mean Girls?) and everyone will know exactly who you are, except for some international students who questioned whether my costume was actually a costume last year.

10. If all else fails

Honestly, if you have a white T-shirt and no other ideas this could work, too.

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