10 Easy Ways To Go Green AND Save Green
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10 Easy Ways To Go Green AND Save Green

Going green made easy and affordable for you!

10 Easy Ways To Go Green AND Save Green
Brooke Stiles

With all of the recent attention to harmful algae in our oceans and the influx of deceased marine animals, it is important to be reminded of easy and affordable ways to start helping our beloved planet.

I'm sure many of you are pro-no straws (me) but a lot of you also may be confused by the idea of not being given a straw at dinner unless requested in which you will receive a straw made of paper that you are not used to.

Instead of being frustrated by this situation go out and

1. Buy your own reusable straw!

This way you will always have your own straw and you can choose if you want a steel, bamboo, or a plastic one.

If you choose to go plastic (I haven't had any problems with my plastic straws) you can get a four pack of crazy, fun straws for less than $2 at Walmart.


If you want to go the plain jane route you can also get a four pack of metal straws that includes a cleaning brush for just below $4 at Walmart as well.

2. Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries are something not many people would think of but is a great investment towards saving money and going green.

$10 may seem like a lot for just the charger but in the long run, buying batteries will be more expensive!


Buying batteries can not only be expensive (especially for you gamers out there) but when they are thrown away they erode and their chemicals end up in our soul and our oceans.

Go rechargeable. Go green!

3. Ditch the plastic toothbrush!

Plastic toothbrushes take over 400 years to decompose and they contribute greatly to the 300 million tons of plastic waste yearly around the globe.

Instead trade your plastic one in for a more eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush.


With a bamboo toothbrush, you don't have to worry about having to purchase a new one when your bristles wear out and you won't be contributing to the plastic toothbrush waste on our planet!

4. Reusable water bottles

This may seem like a given nowadays but I still way too often see people with plastic water bottles.

You can purchase a reusable water bottle literally anywhere you go including the dollar store.

You can get as fancy as you want or as simple as you want.

Any color, any design, any material.

Make the switch!

5. Shop resourceful

There are an incredible amount of clothes to be recycled through this world to always buy new clothes.

Not to mention department stores can be extremely overpriced.

Save your money and try shopping at a Goodwill or thrift store near you.

6. Reusable bags

Out with the plastic bags, in with the reusable bags.

These bags can also be found literally anywhere.

They are super cheap (some even $0.10 a bag) and can be found with various designs and colors.


Using these will make you go from 0 to green real quick.

Just leave them in your car so you always have them when you go to the store!

7. Carpool

If you and your friend are going to the same place don't meet there, carpool!

Carpooling is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and love your planet.

It also makes for fun car rides and plenty of dance parties.

8. Say goodbye to paper towels

This is such an easy concept that many people neglect to think about.

Paper towels are used in just about everyone's homes to clean, dry your hands, etc.

Buying a few hand towels will eliminate paper towel waste tremendously and you can buy super cheap ones to match any decor.

Super cute hand towels for only $1. dollartree.com

9. Unplug your products

We all have all sorts of products that need to be plugged in such as our phones, computers, TVs, hair dryers, etc.

Unplugging them when they are not being used can reduce the amount of energy being used and save you money on your next electric bill!

10. Worship the sun

Turn your lights off and open your blinds up!

Use the sun as a natural source to light up your room or your home.

This will also save tons of energy and money on your electric bill.

Plus a little sun can increase your mood and make for a happy day!

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