Ever since I was little my family did the basics, egg dying, Easter egg hunts and of course deviled eggs. Here are a few ideas to try this Easter with your family or friends from recipes, to games or crafts that even we aren't too old for. If you feel you've outgrown some of these ideas maybe pass them along to the new munchkins of the family?

1. Jelly Bean trails.

Everyone reading this may be too old for this one, but I had to share because I loved it growing up. So keep it in the back of your mind for little cousins, nephews, nieces, or future kids. My parents used to leave a trail of jelly beans literally from my bedside all the way through the house to my Easter Egg Basket that the "Easter Bunny" had left me along with his trail of jelly beans. It's simple and fun and a memory that's isn't easy to forget.

2. Easter Egg Hunts for the young and the old. 

While I've been doing an Easter Egg Hunt for my entire life, literally, it is still fun. However, the game has slightly changed. Instead of tiny toys and candy in eggs that are far to easy to find. My dad has decided to do money, which everyone desires, he starts with quarters and even places some bills in the lucky ones. Whoever finds the most eggs gets a generous addition of cash to their winnings and whoever finds the most money in their eggs also gets a generous addition to their amount. Who can say no to that? And don't get me wrong those quarters add up.

3. Egg dyeing. 

This one best be 99% of you all's tradition already, but if not, start now. It may not be as fun as when you were little, but it means more now when you make a specially decorated egg for a grandparent. My grandma, for instance, loves her eggs that we decorated just for her and we are all far beyond the little kid stage.

4. Deviled eggs. 

This one is not a tradition I take part in, I mean unless the eating them part counts. Every year instead we allow my Grandma to make them because she is Queen of making deviled eggs, so that's left to her. If you haven't had a deviled egg with just a bit of paprika, try one this year.

5. Carrot silverware.

This one is definitely easy for everyone. If you are having multiple guests over for Easter this year and prefer the dishes to not be something you need to spend hours cleaning later, then make your easy plastic silverware decision a cute one. First of all, buy green plasticware and orange napkins, along with some green tool. You package the silverware up wrapped by an orange napkin and tie each set up with the toil and there you go you turned your simple decision into crafty carrots!

6. Egg relay race. 

This one's been in all the old family movies, whose team can carry a hard-boiled egg on a spoon back and forth through the relay race (without cracking it of course).

7. Carrot cake. 

Easter bunnies love carrots, why not treat ourselves to some carrot cake to relate to them? I'm sure Easter bunnies would love a slice as well.

8. Easter trees. 

It's surprisingly a tradition just like Christmas trees. Decorate a small tree or even a fake inside plant with plastic eggs for some fun this year. Turn on some music and make it a tradition like decorating the Christmas tree.

9. Rice Krispy eggs 

This one is simple and cute. Shape your Rice Krispy treats into eggs and maybe even make some "cracked" with a hollowed out inside. Add Easter M&M's to the outsides of the eggs or pile some inside the "cracked eggs" for fun! If you don't like the egg idea, then shape the Rice Krispy's into baskets. You can place the M&M's inside the "baskets" representing eggs.

10. Shell crack game. 

Simple and tricky at the same time. Everyone gets a partner and everyone gets an egg. The idea is to put you and your partner's eggs together and one of them must crack. Whoever's egg doesn't crack out of the two partners get's to proceed with the game with the other winners, pairing up each round, until one winner remains with an uncracked egg.

11. Carroty cheese plate.

Turn the cheddar cheese into the shape of a carrot, add some parsley to the top of it to represent the greenery and surround it by some brown crackers to make your ordinary cheese platter a little more festive.

12. Easter service at Church.

Even if your family doesn't traditionally attend Church on this religious day of the year. Maybe this year a trip to Church will remind you a little more of why we appreciate Easter.

Hopefully, some of these ideas can add some spunk to your Easter this year! Try them all or try one, but add something new and potentially start a new tradition everyone will love.