25 Slang Words You Know If You're From The East Coast
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25 Slang Words You Know If You're From The East Coast

Deadass, this article is mad accurate.

25 Slang Words You Know If You're From The East Coast

Sometimes being from Connecticut and living in Indiana my friends have a hard time understanding what I'm talking about when I use slang terms that I picked up from living on the East Coast my whole life. So here's a guide to some basic East Coast slang words.

1. Mad / dumb

These two carry the same meaning usually to describe a large quantity or high quality, something that was really good or abundant.

“Jimmy’s mom was mad hot tho.”

2. Beat / dead

Something that’s over or done with. Something that sucks.

“That party was beat, man.”

3. Boge / boggies

Means a cigarette.

“Can I bum a boge?”

4. Ass

Usually used after a sentence to add emphasis.

“I don’t want to talk to your crusty ass.”

5. Musty / grimy

Something that’s dirty, grimy can also be used to describe something that was really cool or epic.

“that hoe is musty as f***”

6. Busted

Something that is lame or poor quality. Often used to describe a person's appearance.

“Did you get with Jennie last night? Nah man her face is busted.”

7. Brick

Used to describe really cold/freezing temperatures. It’s cold as a brick.

“Bring your jacket, it’s brick out.”

8. Wicked

A term mainly used in Massachusetts and Boston because they think they’re too cool to say mad or dumb.

“That part last night was wicked.”

9. Mint

Something of high quality, another word for fresh.

“Jake’s new rims are mint.”

10. Ponch

Used to describe a ‘beer belly,’ usually a female word for a beer belly.

“Katy would be cute if she wasn’t a ponch.”

11. Wuks

Used to describe yuppy hippies who do a lot of drugs and probably are gonna move off the grid somewhere in Vermont.

12. Bumble fuck

The middle of nowhere, aka anywhere west of Philly.

Yo, where has Chris been? He fell off man, started listening to the dead and lives in bumble fuck.”

13. What's poppin'/kickin'

This one's older, basically just means what’s going on? How are you?

14. Saucey/sauced/saucin'

A term for getting drunk or partying. Can also mean doing well for oneself (similar to "ballin'").

15. Slippin'

Off guard, not paying attention to your surroundings and not putting in the right effort. Being Lazy.

"He better be careful, he gon get took once someone catch that ass slippin'."

16. Why you mad / you mad?

Used to respond to someone who disses or calls you out. If someone gives you a dirty look you could respond with

"You mad?"

17. Ratchet

Used to describe someone's behavior that is profane or promiscuous.

18. Put you on blast

When someone calls you out or disses you.

19. Thot / thottie

Used to describe a girl who is promiscuous.

"Did you see what Sammy was wearing last night?"

"Yeah she looked like such a thot."

20. Fam

Used to describe a close group of friends.

21. Ain’t bout that

When you dislike or are hesitant about something.

"Wanna go to Jakes party on Thursday?"

"Nah we aren't cool, I'm not about it."

22. Extra

Used to describe a person, or something that is too much, or over the top.

"Why does Amy always dress so extra?"

23. I feel / I feel you

When you relate to someone or something on a personal level

24. True

Used to agree with someone or something someone says. Usually repeated or drawn out: "True, true." or "Truuue."

25. Deadass

To be completely and honestly serious. A reply used by people who have been questioned on the truth of their comment. To be truthful and not lie.

A truncation of the phrase "dead serious."

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