Your Early 20s Are A Weird Stage

Your Early 20s Are Just Plain Weird, Might As Well Accept It

I'm just gonna sit on this swing and enjoy the ride.

Colleen Finney

Whether you're in college, in the workforce, the military, or starting that career you've studied four hard years for, your 20s are just weird. We have all dreamed and imagined what our 20s would look like. We imagined what college would be like, what college we would go to, the job field we would end up in, and so on. I always looked up to the family members that were off in college and envied them a little because I always wished I was older and grown up.

Now that that time has come, I wish I would've listened to my parents when they said that life goes by so fast and that you're going to miss this someday.

I still am not a fan of school, but I do miss not having any responsibilities other than if my jersey was washed for my next game. Life was so much simpler back then, and no matter how much they told us to soak in every moment, we never did.

The weirdest thing about your 20s for a majority of people is you're on your own, but yet you're not. I go to college for 16 weeks at a time. During that time, I survive on my own. I go to school on my own, I pay rent and buy books and come home whenever I want on my own, but I still have a room waiting for me at my parent's house and I am fortunate enough that my parents pay for my tuition and things that I need to survive. We are given the responsibility to prove we can be on our own without actually doing it 110 percent, it's just weird.

Another weird thing is many of us girls believe we will find "the one" in our 20s. This is such an odd concept to me. It's like you turn 20 and you're just waiting for Mr. Right to show up at your doorstep like a movie or something. There's already so much going on during this phase of our lives. It's wild when you throw a relationship into the mix of it all. It makes things a lot more challenging.

Your 20s are weird because a lot happens. You finish college, you get a big girl/boy job, you travel, you learn so much. I think this is the time you really find out who you truly are at the core and you grow so much because of that. It's so crazy for me to watch how much my friends have evolved since we first met.

I feel like right now in my 20s, I'm just in this limbo of wanting to be a kid again with no responsibilities to wanting to be out in the real world and out of this weird time period. It may be weird, but 20 itself has already brought so much light and perspective into my life. I can't wait to see what the next nine more years have in store.

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