Your Early 20s Are A Weird Time In Your Life

Your Early 20s Are A Weird Time In Your Life

There are days when I look at where I am in my life now versus where I thought I would be by now according to 'the plan.'

Priscilla Du Preez

It's been a long day. You are finally in bed, ready to unwind from the day. My go to is Facebook. I'm a sucker for the videos. But it is hard to avoid the timeline updates. You know how it is- you start scrolling through your timeline and within minutes you can see what all your classmates from High School are up to.

I am 22, so my variety is unique. One person posts an engagement. Another is pregnant with her 2nd child. A third has just accepted a full-time position at their dream job. And a 4th, the one I relate to probably the most, posts that they arrived to work on time and then had Chick-Fil-A for a balanced meal. At first, seeing these updates were shocking. But now, I am used to them. But I have to wonder...why are things so different for everyone?

I have always had this picture in my head growing up that I assumed was the norm when you reached this age. You go to college in four years, find your significant other while there, get married shortly after, and start to have children...or adopt dogs. When I reached age 19, never having been on a date with a boy, I started to realize that maybe this wasn't exactly how things would play out.

Little did I know the romantic plan was not the only thing that would be different from the picture I had painted in my head. Senior year of high school I had applied for many schools, and got into many of them, but as decision time approached I realized I had no idea where I wanted to go to school and if I was even ready to move out of my house. This wasn't "the plan" but was that such a bad thing?

I ended up attending a commuter college and got my Associates Degree, then as a Junior, I went on to Ball State. I now am in the home stretch as a senior, although I have a victory lap in the fall before I can toss that cap in the air and say "May your hats fly as high as your dreams" Thank you, Michael Scott.

I realize every day that life is crazy! It throws you in a million different directions. You don't plan on flunking that class. You don't plan on having to find a new job. You don't plan on how expensive your apartment bills will be, and you certainly don't know how to properly cook rice. (Is there REALLY a right way?!) You don't plan on going to a country concert and meeting the man you now call your boyfriend.

You don't plan on your circle of friends changing or learning how different adult relationships really are. At times all these things that have been thrown my way have stressed me out, but then I remember what they say "If you want to make God laugh tell Him your plans." There are days when I look at where I am in my life now versus where I thought I would be by now according to 'the plan'. I think if there is one thing in common we can all agree on, it's "What am I doing with my life?!"

Now I can look at each of these changes as part of what has shaped me. I am no longer stressed out or feel like I have done something 'wrong' just because I am not engaged or walking into a job right after I graduate. I know that there are infinite possibilities and opportunities in life, and there is no perfect "plan" that will get you there.

Had my life gone exactly how I imagined it would in middle school I wonder if I would've turned out to be who I am today. I can now scroll through Facebook and smile at all the different things the people I grew up with are doing. It may not be my plan, but it sure is God's and trusting that is what allows me to know that things are going to turn out exactly how they were meant to.

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