62 Dumb Ways We Have All Procrastinated Stu-DYING
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62 Dumb Ways We Have All Procrastinated Stu-DYING

Stay lazy, kids.

62 Dumb Ways We Have All Procrastinated Stu-DYING
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Brace yourselves. Finals are here. The week of hell is upon us and it sucks.

I actually just took my last final but the stress and adrenalin haven't worn off and probably won't for another 142 days.

But while reflecting over "dead week" and the past few days of finals week, I realized that I procrastinated a lot. Like A LOT. And with the dumbest stuff. Then I got to thinking, I am pretty sure everyone I know does this bull shit too.

Here are a few of my fav/ dumbest ways to procrastinate:

1. Making lists of all the stuff I have to do and then not doing it.

2. Read lists about procrastinating.

3. Wondering how Kylie and Stormi are doing.

4. Imagine what life as a Kardashian would be like.

5. Open textbook.

6. Promptly award self with Snapchat break that ends up being an hour.

7. Check out BuzzFeed.

8. Clean the oven.

9. Vacuum the blinds.

10. Attempt yoga.

11. Lie on the yoga mat for no apparent reason.

12. Contemplate life.

13. Contemplate if you really need to get your degree.

14. Like REALLY need it.

15. Watch YouTube videos about cats.

16. Write an entire novel why cat people are the worst.

17. Google best publishers near you.

18. Take a nap.

19. Go to the library.

20. Get bagel in said library.

21. Take nap in said library.

22. Chat with friends.

23. Head home because its late and you were in the library for a very long time.

24. Lie in a bed filled with stress.

25. Watch Netflix stressfully.

26. Wake up, eventually.

27. Check all the social media.

28. Brush your teeth for like 5 minutes.

29. Shampoo. Rinse.

30. Probably should shampoo one more time to be on the safe side.

31. Rinse.

32. *Thinks about studying.*

33. You know what they say, "shampoo, rinse, repeat and then repeat infinitely." Ha. Ha...

34. Exfoliates stressfully.

35. Shaves legs.

36. Contemplates shaving backs of legs.

37. LOL. No amount of procrastination would make me go that crazy.

38. Pluck eyebrows.

39. Attempt to redraw on eyebrows.

40. YouTube how to draw on eyebrows.

41. Cry because you ruined your eyebrows.

42. Cry some more because you remembered you have finals.

43. Pick at face.

44. File nails.

45. Paint nails.

46. Well, would you look at that? It is time for dinner!

47. Wonder when the last time you bleached your fridge was.

48. Clean the oven again because it can never be too clean.

49. Bleach all surface area of the kitchen.

50. Magic erase the walls... in the whole house.

51. Dust everything.

52. Google dust bunnies.

53. Google bunnies.

54. Search bunnies near me.

55. Call up pal with a bunny.

56. Tell pal you are too busy studying to come over.

57. Realize test is tomorrow and you have been farting around for a week.

58. Have panic attack.

59. Panic attack turns into full-blown heart-attack/ stroke/cancer.

60. Die.

61. Resurrect.

62. Cram like a mofo.

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