Biggest Success Stories From Shark Tank
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Biggest Success Stories From Shark Tank

Discover the top success stories from the hit television show Shark Tank via Duane Ham!

Biggest Success Stories From Shark Tank
Photo by Sean Pollock on Unsplash

Much like the aspiring singers who audition time and time again for American Idol and the adrenaline junkies that try out for Survivor, many entrepreneurs dream of making it onto Shark Tank someday for their chance of showing their product or business to a fellow shark who will hopefully agree to form a business partnership with them or invest in their company.

For the lucky few who make it onto the show, they either walk away having turned down their offers, not receiving offers, or taking one of the sharks up on their offer after a bit of negotiation. Some of these businesses have stood out more than others.

Read below to discover just a snippet of the biggest success stories from Shark Tank.

Scrub Daddy

It is hard to imagine visiting a grocery store without seeing a Scrub Daddy stocked on a shelf or on the end of an aisle. This smiley-faced sponge is arguably the biggest success story from Shark Tank, given how it has infiltrated the market for nearly a decade and has become a staple of many people's homes. In 2019, the company was valued at a whopping $170 million, an insane amount when you think about the fact that it is a sponge. But given its practicality, everyday usage and necessity, especially over the pandemic, it is clear to see why sales continue to skyrocket.

Tipsy Elves

Although ugly Christmas sweaters seem to be in abundance throughout the holidays, Tipsy Elves stands out as one of the biggest earners, and much of its notability came from its feature on Shark Tank in 2013. What may have seemed like a silly investment at the time turned out to be one of Shark Robert Herjavec's top-performing shares from his time on the show. The company has now exceeded over $125 million in sales, a big return for this festive company.

Kodiak Cakes

Kodiak Cakes have become a staple for camping trips and households. This pancake mix quickly rose to fame among other pancake mixes as a protein-packed option that does not skimp on its tastiness. Standing out from other success stories, this business owner actually did not take any of the sharks up on their offers. However, the exposure he gained from the show helped him reach the success he was after. Kodiak Cakes is now the fourth-largest pancake mix on shelves, proving that not all success stories are accompanied by partnering with one of the sharks.

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