15 Drugstore Products You Need When You Can Only Afford Makeup Under $10

15 Drugstore Products You Need When You Can Only Afford Makeup Under $10

Professional makeup brands rock, but when you are balling on a budget the name brands just won't work.


When shopping for makeup I can never bring myself to spend more than $10 on an item, which means I only use drugstore makeup. Any professional makeup I own has all been gifts or on sale for a crazy low price. These 15 finds have become an important part of my makeup routine and are always my go to when getting ready.

1. Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara: $5.67 on Amazon

I am completely obsessed with this mascara! It makes my lashes so big and never clumps. I always have at least two in my makeup bag, because I wouldn't know what to do if I ran out and had to use any other mascara.

Buy it on Amazon.

2. Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation: $4.24 on Amazon

Casey Holmes is my favorite beauty blogger, so I always trust her word. After seeing her wear test of this foundation I had to go out and buy it. I have a very uneven skin tone and with this foundation my skin always looks flawless. Out of every foundation I have ever worn this one is my favorite and the cheapest.

Buy it on Amazon.

3. Maybelline The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette: $6.39 on Amazon

My makeup look is always very natural and I tend to only really use browns and golds, so this palette has everything I'm looking for! If you don't feel like investing in an Urban Decay Naked palette I highly recommend this palette for everyday looks. Maybelline also has a few other nude/essential color palettes that are great for day to day makeup.

Buy it on Amazon.

4. Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Primer: $5.97 on Amazon

I used to use E.L.F mineral infused primer, but I found that it felt really greasy and made my makeup look a little slippery. This primer is the first cheap drug store primer that I really like. It is a nice creamy texture and keeps my makeup exactly where it should be.

Buy it on Amazon.

5. NYX Matte Bronzer: $7.75 on Amazon

I am obsessed with bronzer! It is the most important product to me. I even use it as a crease shadow when I'm feeling lazy. This NYX bronzer is everything to me. It has beautiful pigmentation and looks so natural. I just hit pan on my bronzer and will be going out and getting a new one as soon as possible.

Buy it on Amazon.

6. Ardell Glamour Lashes: $10.44 on Amazon

I love fake lashes and while I don't wear them everyday I stand by my opinion that you should always have these lashes in your makeup bag. Until I have enough money to get lash extensions, these babies are the next best thing.

Buy it on Amazon.

7. e.l.f Eyebrow Kit : $2.99 on Amazon

This eyebrow kit is amazing! I have tried a lot of different brow pomades, but this is the only one I've ever liked. It is so smooth, natural, and cheap. The only thing I don't like is the application brush they provide in the kit, but you can get an angled eyebrow brush from Morphe for $2.00, which means you can have great eyebrows without spending over $5.00 on an expensive pomade.

Buy it on Amazon.

8. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: $3.89 on Amazon

I love this liquid lipstick! It is long lasting and doesn't dry out your lips at all! I have a bunch of different colors, but my favorite shade is London.

Buy it on Amazon.

9. Ponds Dry Skin Cream: $4.97 on Amazon

Sometimes if I want a more dewy makeup look, I use this as a primer. But every night after I take off my makeup I like to put this on to hydrate my face. It is the only facial moisturize that hasn't made my skin breakout from being too oily. It also helps calm your skin down when you have sunburn. It is very important to have a good moisturizer!

Buy it on Amazon.

10. Nutragena Makeup Wipes: $4.99 on Amazon

I love how easily my makeup comes off when I use these wipes. They smell good and get the job done, which is all you can really ask of a makeup wipe.

But it on Amazon.

11. Pixi Glow Tonic: $27.89 on Amazon

This is the most expensive item on my list, but it is a must have! It makes your skin clear and brighter! It can dry you out a little bit but with a little moisturizer you'll be good as new. It really does leave you with a glow!

Buy it on Amazon.

12. NYX Matte Setting Spray: $4.39 on Amazon

This is the best drug store setting spray. I always use it before going out and it has helped my makeup stay in place through sweat and tears. If you don't feel like splurging on Urban Decay's All Nighter spray I recommend picking this NYX spray up.

Buy it on Amazon.

13. NYX Full Coverage Concealer: $5.67 on Amazon

If you have deep, dark circles this concealer is for you. I love the way this looks on my skin and it really does give me the coverage I need. It is also perfect for shaping up your eyebrows!

Buy it on Amazon.

14. Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer: $7.19 on Amazon

If super creamy concealer, like the NYX concealer above, isn't for you Wet N Wild Photo Focus is another go to of mine. It is incredibly easy to apply and goes great with the Photo Focus foundation. It isn't as full coverage as the NYX concealer, but it gets the job done.

Buy it on Amazon.

15. Maybelline 24 hr Color Tattoo Eyeshadow: $2.88 on Amazon

This eye shadow is so beautiful! I'm obsessed with the shade Barely Branded and use it on almost all of my eye looks. These shadows are perfect if you want to add a little bit of shimmer to your lid!

Buy it on Amazon.

Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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Why I Can't Support Jeffree Star

I used to idolize him, but his racism and misogyny have crossed the line.

Like any other person obsessed with makeup, I follow many different makeup artists on YouTube and Instagram. I love watching their tutorials and reviews, all which leave me inspired to try new looks and teach me more about products that will up my makeup game. One of these beauty gurus that I used to follow is Jeffree Star, a singer/songwriter, model, and makeup artist who is probably best known for his popular makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which features liquid lipsticks, lip scrubs, highlighters, and a new eyeshadow palette.

However, as of late, his cosmetic line isn’t the only thing making him a hot topic on social media; his extensive history of making racist comments has now become the subject of many YouTube videos by other vloggers and beauty gurus. One of the most disturbing incidents is a video he made ten years ago on MySpace. The video is supposed to be a satirical skit between him and a drag queen, who is in blackface. One of the disgusting comments made in the video is that he wants to throw battery acid on an African American woman to lighten her skin so it will match her foundation. Star also calls someone a “black b*tch” while his friend continues to pretend to be a stereotypical black woman. Even if the video was made ten years ago, he was still an adult at the time and should have known better than to make something so vile and racist. If he had been 15 years-old, that’s one thing. But he was at least 19 years-old at the time; there are no excuses.

TW: racism, racial slurs

Star has become infamous also for being a drama queen on social media, whether to be rude to fans complaining about his products or starting Twitter wars with other makeup artists. While most people know about his beef with Kylie Jenner over some defects with her liquid lipsticks, Star’s issues go far beyond just her. One feud that highlights his misogynistic and racist behavior is with MakeupShayla, another makeup artist. At an event they both attended, in his Snapchat story Star ranted that Shayla allegedly told another YouTouber that her face was disproportionate and to get lip fillers. Whether or not this was actually said in a rude manner, like he claims, is unknown. He then proceeded to rage about her being a c*nt and a h*e. Even though that comment had sent him in such a rage, Shayla said in her Snapchat story that he was all smiles when they ran into each other at the event.

On Twitter, the situation became even more intense. He called her out first for making the lip filler comment; if she had indeed said something rude like that, then confronting her about it is fine. However, he escalated things to a terrifying level. He threatened to beat her up several times, and when she criticized his fans for supporting someone who threatens violence against a woman, Star responded that she looks like man. I find it very ironic that he would claim that she was a bully, yet threaten her and hurl terrible insults at her. Shayla should not have made the rude comment about that woman needing lip fillers; however, she does not deserve to be threatened or insulted in this manner, especially since Star was too much of a coward to say anything to her face.

Moreover, despite his claims to be so against bullying, and to be such a supporter of female empowerment, he is friends with a bully. In one of his Snapchat stories, MannyMUA and the owner of Gerard Cosmetics made fun of a YouTuber who was reviewing the company’s products. In the last part of the Snapchats, the owner said that the reviewer was an ugly person. Manny later tried to apologize and say that the video cut off and that the owner was saying she had an ugly personality, but that’s not exactly better. Despite this incident, Jeffree and Manny are still the best of friends, and Manny was never beat up by Star for being rude. Moreover, it seems as though Star has a way of corrupting beauty gurus who become a part of his inner circle. When Manny was primarily friends with Patrick Starr, another makeup artist, he was kinder and he wasn’t rude. But once Star came into the picture, Manny became his carbon-copy: another gay boy acting like a stereotypical black woman and covering up his rudeness by calling it “sass” and “shade.” Plus, it is shocking to me that Manny, a person of color, would still adore Star despite his racist history. I feel guilty now for talking about him in my last piece about makeup double standards.

Stephanie Nicole, a makeup artist on YouTube, made a video reviewing a few of Star’s products. Then, once she’s finished the review, she then goes on to discuss Star’s racist and misogynistic tendencies, showing videos of his Snapchat rant against MakeupShayla, his disturbing skit, and other instances where he was rude to fans and problematic in general. She concludes that she refuses to support his company anymore. I agree with her completely. Just because he is a part of a minority group by being queer does not give him the right to be racist or misogynistic. You can watch the entire video down below:

I was extremely conflicted when I heard about all of this. In fact, I was almost heartbroken; I have admired Star for a long time because of how he breaks gender roles and goes against the gender binary. I also coveted his products, and was very ready to purchase his Skin Frost highlighters and some liquid lipsticks up until I found out that he’s a racist. I have some of his music on my iTunes because some of his tracks are fun for workouts, but now I feel guilty even though I just did not know. However, I do know that I will not be supporting Jeffree Star anymore, no matter how tempting his products are.

If you still want to buy his cosmetics, go ahead, I can’t stop you. I have no right to tell you how to spend your money. I don’t blame you; he produces some great makeup after all, even though he is a trashy person. However, if you bought his products before finding out about his problematic behavior, and now regret your purchases, I advise that next time you research a company before giving them your money. It’s difficult to enjoy a product when you know it’s produced by an unpleasant person. This experience has taught me a valuable lesson about being an informed consumer and not simply buying something because it has pretty packaging.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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Reports Say Claire's Makeup Has Asbestos Fibers

The store from our childhood is endangering children now.


Tuesday, the FDA released a report detailing what it found in the products it tested from Claire's US. The findings were super alarming.

The FDA tested multiple products from Claire's US and found that several products were contaminated with dangerous Asbestos. If you are unfamiliar with Asbestos, it is linked to cancer and other dangerous health concerns. The products were all beauty related and marketed toward Claire's young market. There was also a product from Justice (another popular store for young girls and children) that tested positive for Asbestos. The issue of unsafe products is not at one store, it is likely across the board.

The problem is the FDA does not have the power to actually force Claire's to remove the products and any other products that are possibly dangerous. The laws have not been updated to provide consumer protection in that area. However, Claire's did decide to remove the products of concern. The bigger issue is makeup and beauty products are not regulated the same as foods are. The FDA has little power over the big makeup companies. The only thing the FDA can really do is place warnings for users. When it comes to food and drugs, the FDA has more power and can even stop production of the unsafe item. But with beauty products, their hands are tied. Products like lipstick are easily ingested and can easily harm the consumer if they are contaminated. Then you have products that are used around sensitive areas such as the eyes if you have ever gotten mascara in your eye you know why it's important for the product to be safe.

The issue of unsafe makeup has even caught the eye of some celebrities, like Kourtney Kardashian. She went before Congress to try to make a change in regulations of makeup production. However, the move for safer production of makeup still has a long ways to go.

It is time we began to push harder for the products we use to be regulated with stronger laws.


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