11 Thoughts You Would Have As A Writer While Driving

So even though I do write for the Odyssey many non-fiction pieces (no duh, Maddie), I am a writer on my own terms of trying to write fictional pieces. Recently, I was just going for a drive in town when an idea for a story plot point for something I am writing came into my head so the rest of the drive to get to my destination was me having a conversation with myself about this specific plot point.

This has happened on a Tuesday as well as the due date for this article so let's hope that this is enough thoughts and things I said to myself.

1. *Idea comes to mind*

And suddenly, it was like a lightbulb went off.

2. THIS IS A GREAT IDEA!! But where would it go?

It's a major point so it needs a good place.

3. I could just use it as the ending...

Yeah that's probably the best place for this.

4. Wait...isn't that too angsty?

It's...it's literally death for this story.

5. This is literally a major plot point based off the universe I'm basing this off of.

And everyone pretty much cried in the movies at that, including me.

6. I could go with another option...

The option of "death" but it's more of fake death.

7. I'll just ask people to chose one or two.

One is fake death, two is real death for the story.

8. This is what a drive to Chipotle for dinner gets me.

A plot point idea and a burrito.

9. I got mostly one...

Okay thank you for that, people I asked. I didn't want to cry.

10. Got to love being a fiction writer.

You can write whatever (within reason) and sometimes kill off your characters and you'll want to cry about it.

11. Why is the car the place I always get my best idea?

That and the shower...

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