Disclaimer: I am not preaching to stop drinking altogether. I wanted to share the facts I have learned recently that may help you at some time in your college career or later in life. The research I have done will be listed below.

1. Know your tolerance

You know your body the best. Knowing your tolerance is something you realize over time while drinking. If you don't have a voice telling you "it's time to stop" then you should get one. Being unaware of your tolerance can lead to overdrinking and not having control over your decisions or something as simple as walking. It can also lead to vomiting, blacking out, or being hospitalized.

2. Look out for your friends

If you have a friend that may be about to hit a wall when drinking, are you really their friend if you don't confront them? At a party, you know the difference between an average night for them and a terrible night for them. I am not saying that your friend should be your mom, but if you see something do something.

3. Look out for strangers

If you see a girl alone, a guy alone, that does not have a friend around, introduce yourself. The people that are alone at a party are most vulnerable. By doing something when you see something you can save that person from a situation that could have been terrible.

4. Drink a lot of water before or sip water after

I think you should drink water before you go out drinking. Why? Alcohol is a diuretic which means it dehydrates you and gives worse hangover effects. Therefore alcohol is better paired with water to ensure you don't have a terrible night or hangover the next day. Tip: for every cup of alcohol drink a cup of water.

5. Eat, eat, eat!

If you eat a good dinner you are creating a "buffer of food." This will slow the process of alcohol entering your bloodstream. This will later help you diminish the effects of a hangover the next day. Foods recommended to eat before you go out for a night of drinking are chicken, pasta, and eggs.

6. #CupSafety: Keep your cup to yourself

Keep your cup in your hand, and close to your chest. When you're at a party full of strangers it is important to not leave your drink alone at any point of the night. Not doing this you run the risk of someone spiking your drink. This can happen to anyone and it is extremely important to keep your cup safe.

7. Know your numbers!

You need a list of friends number, school emergency services, and 911. This is important for your safety and your friends' safety that you know what to do during emergencies and know who you are going to call at that moment. These three things are super important in ensuring your safety at any time when you may need them.

8. Have a ride home

You should never under any circumstance drink and drive. You could harm yourself and others in this selfish act. Therefore you should designate a driver before you leave. They could be a partygoer whose not drinking or someone who comes when you are ready to leave. So if you don't want to pay for an Uber I suggest having a friend pick you up.

All in all your safety is what is most important. Next time, I hope you consider one or all of these things before going out. On another note have fun, it's college!