If you’ve just been accepted to Drew University…

Congratulations! And I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way! Drew is a pretty great school to spend four years of your life!

However, like all colleges, there are a bunch of things no one tells you because they want your money.

Here are a bunch of tips the tour guide will not tell you about Drew University.

1. If you are going to leave your food in one of the dorm’s community fridges, put a note on it that says, “Already been licked,” or “I have a cold.”

Leaving your name on your food with a sign that says, “Don’t take” isn’t enough. Just ask Ross Geller about his turkey sandwich. I had Lunchable nachos, Ben & Jerry’s and a Lipton iced tea stolen from me at the beginning of the school year and didn’t know what to do. My room was way too small to include a mini-fridge.

After my uncle Byron visited, he gave me the idea of taking a swig of any beverages to avoid people taking them. I noticed that my water bottle was never taken because everyone likely knew I had already used it. I then joked with my uncle about saying that I was sick in order to scare people away. From then on, I have put signs saying that I licked the food item or that I had a cold, even when I didn’t. I haven’t gotten anything stolen since.

2. If you live in Riker, don’t leave rotten food in the fridge! And clean the fridge!

Riker is one of the dorms here at Drew and its fridge smells terrible. Seriously, people leave rotten food and open packages in both the fridge and freezer. Since I’m living in Riker again next year, I would like to encourage you to please take out any rotting food. Don’t be afraid of what other people in the dorm will say. In fact, you’re helping them by not getting them sick from their gross food. This also applies to other dorms, as well.

3. Learn what food to eat, and stick with it.

Look the main dining area, the Commons, will never be gourmet, but it can be decent if you find what’s good. From my experience, stay away from the salad bars or any of the hot entrees. The sandwiches, pizza, pasta, and fries are good. I always joke that the reason the “Freshman 15” exists is that Drew only specializes in junk food.

The Ehinger Center has way better options, and there are coffee shops on campus, but they aren’t open on weekends. Once you find a good few things on campus that you like to eat, stick with it. It’s better than feeling nauseous all day.

4. The C-Store will change your life.

I had never heard of the C-Store until earlier this year. It’s a convenience store that offers hot sandwiches and pizzas, as well as other junk foods, and toiletries. It’s open from 6 pm to 2 am, and can be a real lifesaver when you don’t want to eat at the Commons, the Ehinger Center is closed, and you want a late night snack.

5. There are a ton of cheap resources in town.

Drew is located in Madison, NJ, and it’s very pretty here. The town has a lot of local restaurants that deliver to Drew, mostly pizza places, my personal favorite being Romanelli’s. In addition, I love Jungle Juice’s smoothies, the coffee at Drip, ice cream at McCool’s, and Nautilus Diner’s mac and cheese bites. There’s also a Walgreens and Stop & Shop for all your needs. The town isn’t that far a walk, so you get some exercise.

6. The second floor of the library is way better to study in.

They have desks there that are private, so you feel like you're actually getting stuff done.

7. If you want to watch TV in one of the lounges, get there early and reserve your space.

When I would watch Survivor, I would get to the lounge an hour early and turn the TV on.

8. Low on meal swipes? Spend all day in the Commons on weekends.

The Commons might not be great, but sometimes it's your only option. If you arrive early on weekends and don't leave until after dinner, you get three meals for one swipe.

Anyone attending Drew? Tell me in the comments, so we can meet up in the fall!