It's 8:30 a.m., and I'm currently sitting at the wooden oval table. I've taken three bites of my toasted sesame bagel, smothered with strawberry jam. I look back at the clock, only three minutes have passed. I take two big gulps of my orange juice. The cool drink travels down my throat, sending a chill through my body. It's 8:34 a.m.. There are sesame seeds on the table and on my two sizes too small sweat pants. I tap on the seeds with the bottom of my fingers, picking them up and flick them into the trash. I grab my hiking shoes, Nike's caked and stained with splotches of I don't even know what, and head out the door.

It's 9:00 a.m.. I'm in the passenger seat of a white Subaru. I look out the window, and beside me for miles and miles are rolling green hills and farm fields. The sky is blue, with a couple of white cotton ball clouds. We pass by old red and white wooden barns, as well as a Taco Bell and Jack in the Box. Black and white cows freckle the rolling hills here and there. I like the way the clouds cast shadows on the hilltops. Only parts of the hills are shaded and other parts are not. On the left of us towers a massive rock, separated from the land next laying beside it. It towers over the other hills we pass by, and is soon just a tiny dot in the rear view mirror.

We stop at a stop light. It's 9:15 a.m.. Golden sand dunes peep out behind the tall grass. The wind sifts the sand back and forth, side to side, up and down, as they roll right into the sea. The wind licks the water, the waves baring their white bellies to the sky above.

It's 10 a.m. now, and tucked far away, upon a hill in between a small forest of trees stands a castle. I take my two fingers, adjust my eyesight and pinch the castle between my fingers as we pass it by. The vast rolling green hills continue to dive right into one another. The road we're on is the only thing dividing the land and the sea. The land juts out into the ocean here and there with trees so tall and lean they sway side to side slightly in the wind. It's 10:09 a.m. and we're watching elephant seals roll back and forth in the sand. They are impressive in size, but every single one of them appears to be napping. They remind me over filled water balloons, ready to burst.

We continue up the road, hugging the side of the coast. We stop at a small, neat wooden inn. It's 10:40 a.m.. He grabs my hand and points out an ice cream shop. The sign on the door reads "closed." I shrug my shoulders and we keep on walking. There's a white gazebo with a red roof perfectly placed amongst an opening of trees. It looks out onto the water. The coast continues on, sliding into the ocean. We stand in the gazebo, my hand still in his. He kisses my cheek and I smile. That was another perfect moment of many, with him.

It's 11:13 a.m.. I am currently being kissed by the mist of a waterfall. Her water falls and falls, pouring into a pool of clear fresh water. I stand on a wet rock as my face and body continue to be kissed and sprayed. I close my eyes and feel like I'm being sprinkled by magic. My foot slips on a rock, and gets a taste of the icy water. Besides the waterfall, more water trickles down hanging moss. The trees encircle us, towering above blocking the sun, their branches and leaves covered with dew. Some hang low as if they were trying to hug us, while others stood tall beaming in the sunlight. He grabs my hand as I step onto a fallen tree trunk, my legs wobble across to a rock blanketed with glowing green moss. Sunshine rays dance on our faces through the forest. We make our way back to the car, onwards to the next marvel.

It's 12:44 p.m.. The yellow mustard oozes out of my turkey sandwich as I take a bite into it. I quickly devour the sandwich, and take a couple of sips of water from my neon pink hydro-flask. We're sitting with our legs stretched out in front of us, our feet almost dangling off the cliff. I can feel my shirt sticking to my back, as we soak up the sun's light. An infinite pool of blue lays before us, dazzling and twinkling in the sunlight like aquamarine and azurite crystals. I rest my head on his shoulder, mesmerized by the spectacular dream-like wonder before our eyes. I know this is just another perfect moment I will remember forever.