On the 12th of January, I took my first trip to New York with my loving boyfriend. I'm terrified of roads, driving, the whole bit, but I'm working on it. Anyway, he drove down from North Jersey to come pick me up so we could take a trip to the city. What I didn't know was that my dreams were about to come true.

I'm an advocate for Bang energy drinks, and I remember throwing my email into their ambassador search not really thinking much would come out of it. I remember saying, "Well, if they ever decide to come to Jersey, I'd definitely make sure I was there."

I was scrolling through my emails when I saw that they were coming to New York for a casting, and I immediately lit up like a Christmas tree. This was my chance to chase something I'd always wanted to do. I threw the idea of going to NY to my boyfriend for a casting, and without hesitation, he was all about it.

Not only was I one step closer to possibly achieving something I'd been reaching for, for so long, but I knew now how much he supports me through whatever I decide to do. Can't buy that kind of love!

Fast forward to the weekend of the casting, I remember taking the bus into the city, and I could not believe my eyes. I was speechless, full of so many overwhelming thoughts, and just beaming. I remember just looking all around me in so much amazement because of how beautiful it all was. Everything about it was everything everyone talks it up to be.

We were told we needed to be at the Grand Hyatt Hotel by 11 for check-in. For the casting, you needed to look presentable, of course, while sporting your best colorful swimwear. Included was a short introduction of yourself and what it would mean for you if you got the position. There were two women scouting about 50 or so people.

The wait was so long, but it was such a fun experience, and the people I met were really awesome.

When it was time for my group to go into the casting, I remember walking in with such confidence. I haven't had much of it lately, but I told myself that 2019 was going to be my year. I knew I really wanted this. I remember I couldn't stop smiling because I was so excited.

Once they went through their criteria in which they were "grading us," they asked me to hang back so I could dance for them. This is what I'd been waiting for, everyone knows how enthusiastic and exciting Bang events are, and that's where I want to be. I knew that when that beat dropped, I was going to have to work really hard, and I did while having so much fun on top of it all.

Once they had gotten through all of the groups of people, they informed us that they would need time to deliberate on who would get a position and who wouldn't. They finally came back out with a whiteboard stating for us to check and see if our assigned pin number was on the board. I was scared, but I knew I had nailed the interview.

"I love the company so much, there's no way I'm not getting this, right?" I kept convincing myself. I waited to look at the board until everyone had a glimpse of it. Slowly, I walked up scared to even look.

I couldn't believe my eyes. On that whiteboard was MY number three. I turned to my boyfriend so shocked and teary-eyed! I did it.

My dreams became an actual reality in New York City. That weekend has been my stepping stone into my future, and I can only imagine the magic I'm about to create with this company this year.