Dream Places to Visit

Dream Places to Visit


1. Dublin, Ireland

2. Venice, Italy

3. Zermatt, Switzerland

4. Athens, Greece

5. Paris, France

6. Barcelona, Spain

7. Sydney, Australia

8. Oslo, Norway

9. London, United Kingdom

10. Kingston, Jamaica

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Me Saying I Don't Watch 'Game of Thrones' Is NOT Your Cue To Convince Me To Start

"Once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you."


Yes, I have flaws. We all do. But it seems as if though my biggest flaw is that I have never seen "Games of Thrones." Nope, not even one single second. I don't know why I haven't seen it, it's not that I'm particularly against the show. I guess it's just too late now for me to start it, as the premiere of the eighth and final season aired April 14th. And for some reason, I just feel that I'm too far behind to even attempt to start it.

But please, I beg of you, do not try to get me to watch it. I don't want to; I've made my decision that I have missed the "Game of Thrones" train and I have accepted my fate. It's OK, you can use your heavy TV series persuasion on someone else, don't waste it on me.

But not being a Thronie (I have no idea if you "Game of Thrones" fans actually use that term, but it's fine) comes with its own set of hardships. Yes, I know that missing out on "unquestionably the most acclaimed and beloved show on television" is probably the greatest hardship, I know, I know.

But trying to scroll through social media while seemingly every single person on my feed is posting about the show? Now that's hard. I see memes left and right, constant reaction videos, clips of scenes that I will never understand. I see people being shocked by certain characters doing certain things to certain other characters and I just cannot understand! It's tough, it really is. I feel like I'm in elementary school, sitting on the bench beside the playground watching all of the cool kids playing together. I feel excluded and uninvited to the party that is the "Game of Thrones" fandom.

It really is hard. It's difficult not understanding the jokes and comments about all the happenings in "Game of Thrones." But to those who are obsessed avid watchers, I apologize. I sincerely am sorry that I can never understand your "Game of Thrones" talk. I am sorry that my inferior self is not interested in your favorite show.

As some character that I will never know in "Game of Thrones" says, "once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you." I have accepted that my major flaw is the fact that I have never seen "Game of Thrones" and that I, unfortunately, have no interest in watching. So please, don't use it against me. Besides, that one character that I don't even know said that you can't anyway.

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The New York State of Mind

A Girlfriend's Guide to College


New York is the city of dreams; I sometimes take for granted the fact that I live in this opportunity filled place that people all over the world LITERALLY dream about: the skyscrapers, bright lights of time square, business people walking cross park avenue, and opportunities.

Manhattan is best experienced at the Top of the Rock viewing deck. I often visit this place with my friends that live in the United States and it serves to be a great way to feel immersed in the city while above all of the hustle and bustle. My visit to the Top of the Rock over break was different than my other visits, though. I went to my favorite place with a friend visiting from South America and the experience of going to my same favorite place but with someone who dreamed of New York reminded me how blessed I am to not only be an American, but live in New York and experience the New York State of Mind every day.

Hearing my friend explain his love for New York and the fortunate feelings he had for being there really put the idea in my mind that I need to be more thankful for the fact that I live in this opportunity filled place. Perhaps going to Top of the Rock with a friend just who was just visiting New York and experiencing the awe in his eyes and the amazement he was feeling when seeing this beautiful city from a skyscraper view, made me realize for a moment that it is so important to realize the blessing I have to live in New York.

Looking out on the fabulous city that I am lucky to live in from the top of the Rockefeller building as the sun was setting on the tall skyscrapers, was a moment I will not forget and that I remind myself of when I am stressed with school work and wrapped up in my own life. We are all a part of the hustle and bustle of our own lives, that we forget to recognize the fact that we live in a country, and for me a city, that most people can only dream about. It is important not to take this for granted.

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