Dream Crazier

Nike just released a new promotional video on women in the world of sports, entitled 'Dream Crazier'. Immediately, it went viral, being posted and reposted on every social media platform primarily by females who relate or agree with its message. As a female and former athlete, this is the kind of advertisement that needed to be produced. This is the message that needs to be sent: that women are a force to be reckoned with and should not be held to unfair stereotypes solely based on gender. Our behaviors are either justified or irrationalized because we are women while our male counterparts are titled 'brave, strong, powerful, and talented'.

This commercial specifically calls out those unfair and incorrect stereotypes that women in the world of sports face. We are not weaker than men, we are not more dramatic, and we can be just as talented. Understandably, there are differences in women and men's sports that exist for safety reasons; however, it does not mean a female cannot perform at the same level or even a higher one than the guys. The minute differences between female and male sports do not yield the stereotypes they have accumulated, and Nike is finally taking a stand to reverse these injustices. A commercial like this should not come as such a shock to the world, but this is a small step in the right direction towards universal acceptance of female athletes.

The entire idea behind the commercial is essentially that females and males are equal and should be viewed and treated as such. This is an emerging phenomenon in the 21st century that I believe will continually gain support and following from all genders around the world, as women continue to make a presence in not only previously male-dominated sports but also professions. While Nike is an athletic gear company, their aim is to equalize men and women across all domains.

A woman can be just as fast, strong, or smart as a man and it's time our world started to see that.

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