15 College Courses Of Our Dreams

It's that wonderful time of year again -- registration time! Everyone is rushing around to get into the classes they need at the times they want, desperate not to get stuck with that one professor. While you're filling up your schedule with classes like Calculus (ew) and Chemistry (boring), here are a few dream classes we all wish were offered at our college.

1. Napping 101

Learn the best ways to nap, the perfect amount of time to nap and how to feel refreshed when you wake up. Every student gets a bed instead of a desk, and absences are excused as long as you send a selfie from bed.

2. Team Sports: Quidditch

Real Quidditch. Real broomsticks. You're a wizard. Welcome to Hogwarts.

3. Advanced Procrastinating

Learn how the masters get everything done in one night. Manage your time to your benefit. The later you turn in your assignments, the higher your grade.

4. Wine Tasting

Become a master wine connoisseur while day-drinking with your classmates.

5. The Art of the Couch Potato

This class is completely online. Get an A for doing nothing. Literally. Any physical activity deducts points from your grade.

6. Intro to Pigging Out

Instead of homework, turn in snacks and share them with the class. Get points for creativity, thriftiness and quantity.

7. Basics of Party Throwing

Be known around campus as the best partier around. The tips you learn from this class will help you effortlessly throw the party of all parties for your friends.

8. Social Media Etiquette

Learn all the secrets to getting the most likes and posting the best statuses. You'll have so many virtual friends you won't know what to do.

9. Superheroes in Society

Everything superheroes. From Ant Man to The Incredible Hulk, learn everything there is to know from their origins to their weaknesses.

10. Beer-ology

Learn about beer. Drink beer. Brew beer.

11. Makeup Basics

From a smokey eye to the perfect contouring techniques, learn everything you need to know for an on-point look that will make all your friends jealous.

12. Disney Through the Ages

It started with shallow fairy tales and damsels in distress, but lately Disney has released some really deep content. This class will cover it all.

13. Surviving Paycheck to Paycheck

Need help making the best of your minimum-wage job? You need money for food, rent, gas, laundry, etc. You'll learn how to prioritize and stretch that tiny sum until the next pay period.

14. Random Facts 101

Ever wonder why humans don't hibernate or how we started drinking cow's milk? This class will go over all of it. Students come up with the course material and discover the answers together.

15. Video Game Endurance

Train all semester to be able to play that new video game for days on end. Make the best of small food and bathroom breaks. Combine this with what you learn from Napping 101 and you're all set.

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