Drake & Josh is one of the best Nickelodeon shows ever made, there's no lie about that. Step-brothers became more than that, as both Drake Bell and Josh Peck created one of the finest duos in TV history. Growing up with that show, I realized most of that show summed up a good amount of my life as a kid, even as a young adult nowadays. I'm the youngest of two, and my older sister has been there for me through thick and thin.

Whether arguing or hugging each other, we've been through a lot that Drake & Josh the TV show can relate to.

1. When you knock on their door but they're 'busy'

2. Arguing at the dinner table about something ridiculous but you say something way too over the line

3. When you eat their leftovers and they find out

4. Waking them up on Christmas morning before your parents

5. Asking them what it was like being a teenager

6. When they crave attention too much sometimes

7. When they tattle-tale on you but you dgaf

8. Your parents put them in charge for the night but you, again, dgaf

9. When they ask a stupid question but you match it with sarcasm

10. Trying to figure out who all these people are at the family reunion

11. When you always fight about things...

12. ...but deep down you both love each other and support each other through ups and downs in life

My sister has remained a very inspiring person in my life, so I dedicate this article to her for all the things we've been through, good or bad, that keeps close together in this wild and crazy world. Love ya, sis.