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5 teams that should draft colin sexton

Where will young bull begin his NBA career this Thursday?


Colin Sexton has left a huge mark on Alabama basketball. He led the crimson tide to it's first NCAA tournament appearance since 2012. He was the SEC freshman of the year, second team all-conference an honorable mention for the All American team. Now, Sexton wishes to continue his basketball career in the NBA.

Although he is likely not to be picked within the top three, these are the teams where he fits best.

Orlando Magic at #6


After trading Elfrid Payton at the deadline this past season the Magic are looking for a new floor general. Sexton would add to an already promising young core along with Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac. He would also add as a nice compliment to his other back court mate Evan Fournier. Fournier is much more perimeter oriented player and Sexton will be able to compensate for the lack of inside scoring from their guards.

Chicago Bulls at #7


At this point the Bulls just need as much guard help as they can get. After striking out on Denzel Valentine and Zach Lavine possibly leaving in free agency Chicago seems to be in a bit of trouble. Kris Dunn being ranked as the worst starting point guard in the entire NBA last year also doesn't help. The Bulls literally can't get worse than that at the guard spot and Sexton can be the first step to getting back to the glory days.

Cleveland Cavaliers at #8


LeBron James is thinking about leaving again with the main reasons being the lack of talent and work load. Sexton would probably be the only player on the board at this point who may be able to have James give the Cavs another look. He carried the offensive load nearly the entire season for the Crimson Tide, so he may be able to fill the void that Kyrie Irving left when he was traded. It might be unlikely that a 20-year-old would be able to keep James home, but even if he leaves, the Cavaliers are left with the new face of their franchise.

Charlotte Hornets at #11


The Hornets already flirted with a complete roster over turn when they put their best player, Kemba Walker on the trade block last season. Even though they weren't able to move Walker it doesn't mean that Charlotte isn't ready to move on. Walker is 28 years old and will be a free agent after this season. So why not draft his inevitable replacement in Sexton who already draws comparisons to Walker. Both are explosive and have high motors on both ends of the court. In time Sexton could prove to maybe be an upgrade over Walker.

Los Angeles Clippers at #12 or #13


The Clippers have the luxury of having back to back picks in the draft. And if Sexton is still around at pick 12 or 13 that would be the steal of the draft. LA is in dire need of a new point guard after trading away Chris Paul last offseason, and there would be no better way to replace him with one of the best in the draft class. Along with these draft picks the Clippers will also have a ton of cap space to sign free agents. With luck, this could be the beginning of a quick rebuild for the second LA basketball team.

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Everything The Student Athlete Loses When They Move On From Sports

Enjoy it while it lasts.


We used to call it "flipping the switch." You would go through eight hours of school (somehow) and then your mentality would automatically change. The worries and stress from the school day would dwindle as you put on your cleats and begin to warm up. Anything that was going on in your life didn't matter when you hit the dirt. You create lifelong friendships with the girls you spent every day with for months at a time. Teammates who see you susceptible after a bad game and on cloud nine after one of your bests.

You develop a routine and superstitions. Hitting your bat on the inside of your cleat before you hit, chewing a certain type of gum on the volleyball court, how many times you spin the ball before you shoot a free throw, whatever your quirk was, you 100% believed it would make you play better. You practice in your free time with your dad, devote three to five months of your school year to a team, and play all summer long with your travel team as you live off hotel breakfast. Then one day, it's all over.

It is a feeling that nobody can prepare you for. They say enjoy it while it lasts but you never really understand what you'll be walking away from when you play your last game and hang it up for good. You lose a part of yourself when you're no longer an athlete. I forgot what it feels like to be competitive and be a part of something that is bigger than myself. It has been two years since I've played my last softball game and not a day goes by when I don't miss it. I didn't play because I wanted to go pro or even to the collegiate level, but I played because it was an escape and helped me become who I am.

You begin to forget what it felt like to hit the sweet spot on a bat, what it sounded like to have an audience cheer for you as you stand alone on second base and see your family in the stands, to hear the metal spikes of your cleats on concrete when walking in the dugout. It's simple things about the game you love that brought you pure joy and an escape from the world and the thoughts in your head. Batting practice was always mine. Focusing on nothing but the next pitch and how hard I could hit it.

When you have to watch the game from the other side of the fence, you realize how much pressure you put on yourself when you played. It's just a game. Make as many memories as you can and enjoy every inning because when you leave sports behind you have to find your inner athlete in other things. Create a workout routine, joining a club sport or intramurals, or even becoming a coach. As much as I miss the sport, I am thankful for everything it brought me. It taught me how to be a good friend, respect others around me, and to push myself to discover what I was capable of.

So, enjoy it while it lasts.

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Their Season May Be Over, But Their Spirit Will Endure Forever

The brotherhood and bond of this team will never be broken.


Despair has flooded the city of Lexington. Tears have fallen and couches have been burnt. Basketball season for Kentucky has officially ended, sooner than most people wished for.

For me, this team was unlike any other. Since I can remember, UK has always had a plethora of incredible players come through and leave their mark on the school and the city, but this year's team was different from the rest.

To start out with, a lot of the times the starting players are consisted of mostly freshman. This year, the diversity in age for the team was unusual, to say the least.

First, take a look at Reid Travis. He was a transfer graduate student from Stanford and this was his last year playing college ball. Players that are recruited to play at UK are usually seniors in high school, so having Reid being a senior in college and transfer here from another school is rare for Kentucky basketball.

Then we have PJ Washington. Washington is a sophomore and played for Kentucky his freshman year as well. Since he did not go into the NBA draft after his freshmen season, he continued playing for Kentucky and improved greatly over the course of this season.

This goes for Nick Richards as well. With not going into the NBA, he continued playing for Kentucky his sophomore year. What made Richards an overall better basketball player this season was the competition and fight he had to bring, not only for games but for practice as well.

Richards had to fight harder than usual for playing time this season with Reid Travis being on the team now. But even though Travis may have taken some of those minutes away from Richards, that is what made him into such a better player this year.

The brotherhood on this team is indescribable. A lot of the credit must go to the Kentucky Basketball program and the coaches who teach these young men not only about basketball but about being a good person. The bond these players have made with one another just this year is incredible and it is something that will never be broken.

From social media posts, interviews and how they interacted on and off the court people can easily see how much love these men have for each other and the sport. You don't have to be a fan of Kentucky basketball to love the spirit of this team.

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