When I first arrived to college, I learned I had no idea how to do my own laundry.

Embarrassing right?

I literally googled, “how to do laundry.” As well as texted my mom what clothes qualified as colors, and what clothes I could put with the whites.

When I finally figured the whole process out I realized I had to actually go and buy detergent and all that jazz. Which is very overwhelming because there are so many brands? And do you want non-scented detergent, or do you want a detergent that smells like a fresh spring breeze in London? The choices are endless.

Then I discovered this magical brand called Downy. And let me tell you, it changed my life forever.

Here are 5 reasons why Downy should be every college students go-to brand for laundry.

1. Their commercials

Yes, I am that sucker for commercials. But when you get such an aesthetically pleasing commercial such as this one above, how can you not buy every single product of Downy? In fact, this commercial introduced me to their amazing products in the first place. Without it, I wouldn’t have looked twice at the brand.

2. Downy Unstoppables: Fresh Scent In-Wash Scent Booster

This invention is a genius. I can’t go without this added scent booster in my laundry or I feel like it comes out smelling too boring. This magical scent booster changes the way I do laundry forever and is well worth that extra few bucks at the store.

This is a must-have when doing laundry. Don’t fight me on this.

3. Leaves your clothes smelling fresh

When I first used Downy detergent, I didn’t know how great it would be. I was judging it all based off of their commercial. I just measured the cup out, poured it in, and went on with my chores.

However, when I got my laundry and began putting it away, I realized how great of a smell it had, and how soft my clothing was. In that instant, I threw on my newly washed sweats, fuzzy socks, tank, and knitted sweater and hopped in my bed.

I admittedly couldn’t stop smelling my clothes and feeling how soft and cozy they were. I was like a drug addict on crack. Downy was that good.

4. They are affordable

Buying the brand isn’t going to break the bank, and that’s what I adore about the brand. Most of the time, brand-names are uber expensive and you’d rather just get the same product for the cheaper off-brand. But not Downy. Though they cost a little more than the off-brand, they are absolutely worth it for all you get.

5. They have variety

Tired of the scent you have now? You can check out Downy’s other scents they have lined up! Need a new scent to match the season more? Downy has it! Need a sensitive skin detergent that smells like roses and white sheets, with Taylor Swift music playing out of it as you pour it into the washer? I wouldn’t be surprised if they had that as well.

So there you have it. 5 reasons why Downy is the best. Go buy it now. I know I certainly will. And as much as this sounds like an ad, it’s not. I just really love rolling around in the bed in a soft sweater that feels like a fairy crafted it from her tree.

So thank you Downy. You are the Ross to my Rachel.