The Dos and Don'ts of New York City at Christmas Time

The 14 Dos And Don’ts Of New York City At Christmas Time

5. Don't go to near Saks Fifth Avenue at night during their Christmas show.

Craig Pounds

Before this December I had never been to New York City. My family took a trip there to celebrate my 21st birthday. While I don't pretend to know everything about New York City after only spending approximately 60 hours there, but these are the 14 things I learned about the city during my limited amount of time there.

And while I have no clue when I will be able to go to NYC again, I have the memories from our trip until that time comes.

1. DON'T try to get an Uber in Times Square at 8:30 on a Saturday night. 

First off, even on the least crowded of streets, it is almost impossible to find who you're looking for quickly. Which ultimately leads to a huge miscommunication and the Uber driver having no clue where you, or they, are. Not to mention the fact that you'll be paying a small fortune to get anywhere on a Saturday night in New York.

2. DO take the subway when you need to get somewhere quickly. 

It's cheap and there is rarely any traffic on the subway rails. It's a great form of transportation to get you from one side of the city to the other without any inconvenience.

3. DON'T go to New York City with a broken foot. 

Being in New York requires a lot of walking, not to mention there are a number of places you'll have to go where there are no elevators or easy access for scooters or wheelchairs. My sister is a genuine champ for taking on New York City with a broken foot and if you don't believe me take it from her, she'd definitely advise you to not go to NYC with a broken foot.

4. DO purchase tickets for a bus tour if it's your first time in the city. 

These buses take you to all parts f the city and allow you to get on and off at your convenience. It's also pretty cool to have a tour guide explain to you the different places around you that you probably didn't even know where important. They aren't the quickest way around the city by any means, but they are a great way to see majority of the things you want to see without walking miles upon miles every day.

5. DON'T go to near Saks Fifth Avenue at night during their Christmas show. 

All I'm going to say is the crowd is ridiculous. We stood there for nearly 30 minutes barely moving. If you wanted to see New York's crowds at its finest then this is the place for you. Not to mention we ended up seeing a fight break out because it was so tension filled, so for your own benefit just go ahead and avoid at all costs.

6. DO embrace your inner photographer.

New York City is a photographer's playground with new adventures around every corner. If I'm honest, you may want to pack a few extra SD cards if you are like me and love to capture every single moment.

7. DON'T think you'll see and do everything you want to in 2 days. 

New York City isn't a huge city, but there is a plethora of things to do while you're there. In two days time there just isn't enough time to get in every single thing that you have to do. That may not be the worst thing though, especially if you're like me. That just means you'll have to go back again for another trip.

8. DO make a list of everything you want to do to make the most of your time. 

Whether or not you end up being able to finish it all is not the point. The point is that if you have a list written out of all of the things that you want to accomplish then it makes making an action plan that much easier. It also allows you to be able to map out the best course to get as much of it done as possible in your limited amount of time.

9. DON'T think you're going to get cheap food anywhere.

Don't get me wrong we ate at a couple relatively cheap places, but for the most part, the food in NYC is outrageously expensive for what it is. I kid you not at one point we saw an omelet that cost 22 dollars. So don't forget your wallet or debit card when you make your trip.

10. DO go to all of the different Christmas villages in the city. 

If you love shopping and Christmas then these are the spots for you. Granted, we only were able to go to the Bryant Park Christmas village but even that seemed worth it to me. If you end up trying the others let me know so on my next trip I can give them a visit.

11. DON'T forget your walking shoes.

Unless you have the money to take taxis and Ubers everywhere you go, then you'll be walking everywhere. Choose comfort over composure and pick the combat boots or tennis shoes over the high heels. You'll thank me later.

12. DO embrace the weather if it snows; it's beautiful. 

It snowed the very last night we were there for an hour or so and it was so spectacular. All I can say is that winter in New York City is the most wonderful thing I've ever experienced.

13. DON'T have a bad attitude.

Bad attitudes don't make for fun for anyone. I'll just leave it at that. Yes, you'll get frustrated but remember you're in an amazing place getting to experience NYC, don't let your attitude get in the way of your fun.

14. DO have the time of your life.

I will never regret going to New York City. It was one of the greatest weekends of my life and I cannot wait until I get to go back.

Growing up I always dreamed of going to New York City, especially if that was during Christmas time. Now that I finally had that opportunity to have that dream come true I was thrilled. Since I've returned home I was able to think through the weekend and the things that I experienced while there.

While the above list may not be your best bet at a travel guide, it is filled with things that I learned in the limited amount of time that we were there.

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