Freshman year of college. It's finally here and you're......freaking out. What should you expect? How are you going to handle the transition?

First of all, don't freak out! It is not as scary and intimidating as everyone tries to make it seem. But if you're having trouble trying to figure out what to do when you finally begin the semester, read a few of these do's and don'ts I've found since being away at school.

Do make time for yourself.

College is honestly the most stressful time in your life. It's hard to find time between classes, homework, extracurricular activities, work, etc. But sometimes that homework can wait! My chemistry professor this term cannot stress that enough to us and me, especially. So do yourself a favor and get that extra hour of sleep.

Don't force yourself to be best friends with your roommate.

Obviously for a lot of seniors transitioning into college, finding a roommate is essential. No one wants to be randomly assigned, which I was and I can say I did not have the best experience. But whether you find someone before or get assigned a roommate, they will not always be your best friend! Just because you dorm together doesn't mean you have to be besties. Make sure you make other friends!

Do call your mom.

I'm sure it's hard for her now that you're away almost 24/7. And I'm sure when she calls you first you probably roll your eyes and keep the conversation short, but she loves you and she cares. She's also a great person to call when you're having a rough time. Take ten minutes out of your day just to call her and ask how things are, or to vent. I promise you she will appreciate it!

Don't make partying your top priority.

Sure, the social scene of college is awesome and it feels like the time of your life, but don't make it number one of your list of priorities. It's hard to get out of that routine if that's where all of your effort goes towards. Remember, parties will be there next year and the year after that and long after you graduate, but you're there because you chose to be. Don't screw up just to go to a few parties your first year.

Do make friends with your professors.

Your professors are there to teach you the necessary material for class, but they're also there to help you succeed in all aspects of your college experience! I made the mistake of not going out of my way to talk to my professors more and doing that dented a beneficial part of my experience. I promise your professors are not scary and probably love the company and conversation when you walk in during their office hours!

Don't forget about your friends from back home.

Your best friends are still your best friends even if you guys no longer go to the same school. It's probably hard to keep in touch 24/7 considering you guys have totally different schedules, but try not to forget about them! Make time to have a weekly FaceTime call or maybe pick a weekend you're both available and visit each other! They will always appreciate seeing your name pop up on their phone and would love to have you come see their dorm in person, finally!