This year, my roommate and I applied to be a tour room in our dorm, and although sometimes tours come when we are least expecting them, I still enjoy being a tour room because it keeps us organized, clean, more productive, and put together! You, too, should consider being a tour room in your dorm and here's why!

1. Your room will feel bigger 

In college, living in a small space will feel smaller the more stuff you have in it. But, if you keep it clean and organized it won't feel as small! As a tour room, our room is pretty much always clean and the room feels bigger because of it.

2. It will look cute 

When tour rooms are chosen, the housing director looked at a variety of things in each room before deciding which rooms would be used for student tours. One of the factors was how cute and appealing it looked, so by keeping everything organized, the decorations and "Pinterest crafts" will pop out.

3. You are always ready for friends 

Chandler Dancing

In college, your neighbors and friends may pop in at any time. Whether it be a homework question or outfit advice, I can guarantee you that you will have visitors. You'll be the Monica Geller apartment of the floor since it will be clean whenever friends come by, and soon, that's where everyone will be gathering.

4. You will get out of bed 


We are ready for tours anytime between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, so knowing that someone may be knocking on the door at 11 will give you the incentive to get up, look presentable, and start a productive day.

5. Bed = Made

Making Bed

Obviously, if you have new people coming into your room you will want (and need) to have your dorm looking nice, so making your bed is step number one. Plus, research and articles show that by making your bed, you will not only get a better night's sleep, but you will feel more motivated during the day to complete small tasks.

6. You meet so many new, awesome people 

Pug Waving

One of the best perks is the fact my roommate and I get to meet so many prospective students. We get to gush about how great our dorm is and how amazing school is. We can give high schoolers advice that may help them with their college decision, and that is very important.

If you're not a tour room already, maybe this will convince you to apply next year! Plus, you may get lucky and have your dorm pay you... imagine getting paid for keeping a room clean!