5 Dorm Room DIYs
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5 DIY Ideas To Recreate For Your Dorm Room

Don't let the semester kill your creativity!

5 DIY Ideas To Recreate For Your Dorm Room

Everyone loves a good DIY, am I right? Yeah, that's right.

And that's why I've selected these five tutorials to share with you. They are all relatively simple and not time-consuming. They are practical and use materials that you can find at Walmart or your local craft store. And of course, they're adorable!

1. This hip eucalyptus wall hanging. 

Wall décor can become a little pricey, so why not try your hand at making some art yourself? This particular DIY is one of my favorites because of its natural color scheme and how it incorporates multiple textures.

2. This colorful addition to any room. 

A garland is the perfect accessory to any room. You can string it with your lights, above your photo wall, or even over your door!

3. These funky geometric coasters. 

I tried out this DIY myself about a year ago, and they turned out so well. All you need is cork board (I bought a five-dollar set at Walmart), paint, and an X-Acto knife! So easy and very functional!

4. Classy planters for that garden you want to grow. 

And the best part is that you can buy whatever pattern of contact paper you want, so they are fully customizable! Also, you're helping the environment by reusing containers!

5. Adorable bookmarks for all those textbooks you’re reading (… or not). 

Simple, practical, and cute? I think yes!

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