Dear Dorm Room Microwave,

Thank you for the late-night snacks, for the instant meals, and for being there for me. I remember during move in, my roommate and I couldn’t decide where to put you. After looking at the finished room, we decided that right next to the door would be your home. With a fridge and freezer under you and a snack basket on top, I feel like you are part of my everyday life.

Thank you for the popcorn, microwave. I have popped more popcorn then I could have ever imaged. From movie theater butter to hundred calorie bags, you have seen all the popcorn in the world.

Thank you for heating up day-old Chipotle and all the easy mac. Oh, there was so much easy mac wasn’t there?

Maybe you have never been cleaned and looking inside of you makes me literally want to throw up, but from August until now, you have supplied more meals than you could have ever imaged.

So, freshman dorm room microwave, thank you for being there for me. I love you.