10 Cleaning Tips For Your Dorm Check-Out
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10 Cleaning Tips For Your Dorm Check-Out

Every college student knows what dorm check-out time means.

10 Cleaning Tips For Your Dorm Check-Out
Tristan Gassert

With the end of the school year approaching quickly, many college students are facing an upcoming event. Dorm check-out day! This is one of the most stressful, yet easy times during the semester that all have to deal with. The check-out process includes packing, cleaning, and one final look through to make sure everything is in tip top shape before it's time to leave. Yet, cleaning a whole dorm room or apartment can be a little stressful. Especially, when there's a risk of damaged things and fees one may end up having to pay. Don't worry though! Here are ten of the most wonderful cleaning hacks you can use for check-out time in order to make the process go smoothly! Without the hassle of stressing and time-crunching to finish everything before your check-out deadline.

1. Plan Ahead

Start making plans for cleaning and move-out day about 2-3 weeks in advance so you're not scrambling or forgetting about check-out day.

2. Get A Check-out List

Every college student that lives in a dorm has a recommended check-out list available either from the dorm hall front desk or their floor RA. Just ask around and you should be able to grab one. If there isn't any available, google some dorm room check-lists and go off those!

3. Have All Cleaning Products Ready

Be sure to buy any cleaning products you may need before the check-out day. Cleaning in advance will save you time and energy on check-out day. Also, do some daily cleaning such as dusting or vacuuming to get a head start.

4. Pick An Appropriate Check-Out Time

Look at your schedule and plan a time that works for both you and your roommate. You will both probably have the same check-out time. Also, check with your RA and see what times work for them. That way it's not late at night or on one of the later days of check-out. Plan ahead for this one too!

5. Talk To Roommate

Coordinate with your roommate about cleaning responsibilities and when each of you plan on leaving the dorms. This will help create an organized schedule for when you both could get together and clean the dorm, as well as, avoid complications such as finals.

6. Begin To Pack Small Things Early

Start packing little things around the dorm early that you know you won't need for the remaining days in the dorm hall. This will save time on check-out day.

7. Buy Storage Bins

Storage bins are amazing for storing dorm stuff until the following semester comes. They will keep your items dry and safely stored away without the worry of damage. Also, they are more durable than just a regular suitcase or cardboard box.

8. Ask The Front Desk For Paint

If you notice some scratches or damaged areas on the walls of the dorm that can be easily painted over. Talk to the front desk of your dorm hall. They'll most likely have some paint you can use to patch up the areas. This will save you time and money because you'll be able to avoid damage fees.

9. Return All Keys

Be sure to have all keys together and turned in on the day of check-out. This can be done by placing the keys on a ring attached to your ID lanyard.

10. Relax

Enjoy the rest of the school year and relax because you are now on summer break!

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