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Young people are known for making split decisions, right?

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Moving across the country for a significant other? Buying the car (or just something really expensive)they probably don't need and probably can't afford. Getting tattoos they've only thought about for less than an approved amount of time?

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Which ones are you guilty of? Because I know which one sings true for me.

All types of people are fans of tattoos. Men, woman, children, older people you'd expect, people you wouldn't expect...the list goes on. And I admire the people that think about their tattoo for less than a week and by Saturday, they have it on them permanently.

I admire that.

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Who's to say that split decisions are any better than the ones that people think long and hard about? Your mom, probably. But that's beside the point.

Some people see tattoos on other people and then they use that as inspiration for their own tattoos. Some people see other's people's tattoo and steal the idea completely. But whose decision is it?

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Is it the person whose body it is? The tattoo artist? Your mom's?

Who knows?

Sure, everyone tries to be rational and say that "Remember, tattoos are permanent. Think them through."

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How many other decisions do you think through? Having Taco Bell 5 times a week?

Trust me, that has a lasting effect on you as well. (Doesn't stop me, but it definitely does)

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Do you think through calling out of work knowing that's the main reason your bank account isn't a negative balance right now?

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Do you think through who you choose to be roommates with knowing you might get that psychotic one who thinks she doesn't have to contribute anything or even be a decent person (been there, done that)?

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I don't wanna be that person to tell you to stop thinking things through, but don't be as afraid of those split decisions. Don't let those things stop you from living your best life.

Sometimes those split decisions will be the best choices you've ever made.

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Go find out!

Go get some Taco Bell!

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